Does anybody watch The Bad Girls Club?

Funniest show on tv. All these girls fight all the time (POP OFF POP OFF :mad::mad::mad: ) and put their vaginal fluids on cake and juice. It’s made from the same people who made Real World if that means anything.

This show is priceless. Million would love it.

that is relevant to my interests! :lovin:

wtf is wrong with these bitches?


It’s on Oxygen. This is a SRK worthy show.

I know most people don’t think this far ahead, but I can’t in good faith contribute to a bunch of talentless hacks getting paid to be morons on tv. I’d feel guilty.

something about the phrase oxygen and srk worthy dont seem right. oh maybe its cuz thats the channel where its spousal abuse 24/7…it needs to just be renamed we hate men channel…we already know wuts up with it.

my sisters watch this show and i always see that one black girl from new york yelling and starting fights with the other girls.

^ She’s the reason to watch.

‘I’m from Brooklyn yo. Pop off!! POP OFF YO!!!’

:rofl::rofl: yeah she be buckin on them girls. they be shook too except for the other black girl, i’m not sure if anyone has pissed her off yet.:rofl:

I think I’ve seen this before. One of the girls on it used to be on Real World. Melissa, the sassy Filipino, I think?

i think the show your referring to is “girls behaving badly”. that one prank show.

the bad girls club is a different show. its like a real world type of reality show.

So one of the girls had a party (because she might go to jail for theft) and bought some guys over. One of the girls said that she’ll piss in some dude’s mouth. Guy was game, girl tried to pee in his mouth but couldn’t.

Oh…and the fat black chick is the most broken villian ever. POP OFF YO!!!

lol @ the fat black bitch

the fat black bitch is the black mans worst nightmare

I love this show for some reason.





I started watching it out of boredom, man that fat girl reppin brooklyn hard. Neveen is scared of the fat one thats why she follows like a dog.

The blasian girl is fine, but that mixed girl really thinks she’s all that when the truth is she’s one of the least attractive in the house. I’ll go for Flo any day of the week.

Funniest moment ever on the show was the season with Tai on it. Some black woman that had too much to drink one night and she was in the bathroom throwing up like a grown ass man I swear. :rofl: Shit sounded TERRIBLE, I couldn’t breathe for a good while from laughing at how it sounded.

this looks so horrible

the fuck is wrong with you guys?

Also, I saw a clip with perez hilton in it which means the show is automatic shit.