Does anyone check these threads?



well ive posted a question in the Cody beginner thread and I didn’t receive an answer and I even posted videos for critique my cody. Im not trying to be rude or anything but im just trying to get better with the character and I can use all the help I can get to be the best I can be. I would be most appreciative if I can get some constructive feedback. thank you for your time.


cody forum was never really crowded to begin with. lately the mvc3 boom took away even more posters. but some folks are always around. but for your question, it’s hard to answer and one can’t really give a straight answer to that. there is no real “correct” move set you can do, just try and do what you feel is right in that situation. there are many factors that play a roll: opponent’s move set, meter, ultra, player behaviour etc etc

for the videos, not every one gets an answer, it’s the choice of the ppl if they want to give feedback or not; obviously you can’t force them. I might check them in the next days if I feel like it. in general, the cody forum is more of a slow one. very occasionally we’ve got a discussion ongoing with fast paced answers right in a row.


oh ok I just wanted to know because usually I get a response when I post a reply I guess I’ll just wait my turn for a response but thanks for responding to this thread lol.


I check them daily, and i watched your videos, but I am terrible so I have no advice to give you, looking for some myself


I check almost daily as well. There hasn’t been much new info lately and MVC3 has really taken the spotlight imo.