Does anyone do Case art work?

hey guys,

thought i would update you on my latest project.
stick is almost complete. still waiting on the NAUSB’s to arrive.
but so far so good. i still have not selected a button color layout.
stick will be dual pcb wireless and compatible on PC/360/PS3.
this will also have light up mod done to all buttons.
art work has not been chosen yet as well. anyone know anyone who’s good at art?
anyways check out the stick in stage 1.

but yeah as the title says… does anyone here do case art?
i am in need of art and would appreciate some designers help.
i do have the case art template in psd format that is blank but my skills in photoshop suck. anyways if any of you can do this for me please drop me a pm.

nice finkle case :slight_smile:

ps - learn to search :slight_smile:

i did a search all that came up were templates for se and te sticks.

ask in those threads though. post up the PSD there, maybe some adventuring artist will just make it, or you can commission someone from there