Does anyone do this? hori ex2 setup

So as we all know the hori ex2 placement has horrible RB/LB placement. So being that I’m only gonna play Balrog only from now on I have come up with a setup that I find very usefull. Keeping in mind that I have a hard time pressing all 3 buttons due to the sucky buttons and I dont know how to install sanwa buttons.

I started noticing that I never use MK for balrog. So i change that button to all 3 kicks and I’m able to use turn-punch with ease while still being able to use all 3 punch buttons. It is also great for hitting the ultra everytime as I dont have to worry about one of the buttons being pressed first then the other 2 (which happens a lot with these crappy buttons!) and it even helps on the ex UPPER loops .

Am i the only crazy person doing this? :open_mouth:


First of all if you ever play or decide to play in an arcade you won’t have your 3K/3P buttons there so I think you should just get used to using the 6 button layout…

If your buttons are so shitty read the EX2 modding tutorial and switch to Sanwa buttons. If you can’t do it buy a TE stick or find a modder on here who will do it for you. If you want to know someone who can do this PM “DevilsFang”.

i guess your doing the best with what you have :slight_smile:

Not that im any good but i would say sort out your buttons when you can. They seem to be limiting your potential. and if you know they are sucky it will play on your mind, “will i get that link” etc. etc.

Theres MANY guides on here about replacing buttons and other things im sure you’ll find a thread, its helped me loads.

I wouldn’t ever do that, MK is a very useful input for Rog(and any other character for that matter). Just get used to the standard set up if you want to take this game seriously. I got the same standard buttons and it does kind of suck. Every now and then when I go for an ultra with full meter I end up doing his super but oh well.

Why do people need a button for the KKK or PPP inputs?

cuz natural born humans only have 5 fingers on each hand, while there are 6 buttons total on the EX2 for SF4. O.o