Does anyone else but me know how to use Anaklaris effectively?

Does anyone else but me know how to use Anakaris effectively?

I’ve played people all over Viginia, and they just seem to keep saying that they can’t play with Anakaris.I know SOMEONE can at LEAST use em?

I Can Use Anakaris! One Wrong Move For Sent And Its Inf Time For Him. Of Course With Im Aaa. Ever See A Anakaris Rushdown? What U Know Bout Anakaris? What Is Ur Anakaris Team? Strats Or Koo Combos?

Yeah,He’s part of a Bison,Blackheart combo, yeah, a rush down is the worst(for yer enemy anywho) And I love servant attack !! it’s so funny when they try to hit you and don’t notice there can’t :clap:

my team is anakaris (variety), ironman(aaa), doom (AAA). I can rushdown with dooms anti air assist backing anakaris up. He has a very quick overhead. use it!. I like to go for the inf with im aaa. ever grabbed a sent out of HSF( hyper sentinel force)? time it right and just look at their face. like wtf. I’m can do un unrollable inf setup for ironman with anak. i used to use anak with bh, but not too much of a bh fighter. He’s kinda hard to play with at first, but once u get the hang of it, he can fight with neone. even cable.

I freely confess, I can’t use Anakaris all that well, but I’m learning - seven straight hours in XBOX training mode with him has to help sooner or later. :slight_smile:

One thing I like about him is that so many of his attacks are really different from the norm - I forget the command at the moment, but how about that jump attack of his where his legs come out of the bottom of the screen?

That one trips me up everytime someone does it.

I can use him pretty effectively now.

I’ve played the best anakaris in chicago (and possibly U.S.)

and I think, besides This guy of course, I’m the best with him in chicago.

want to talk any strats or what I do when and where? I want to get better.

hmm…id like to see your anakaris in action. Better yet (if it wer possible) i would like to challenge him against my anakaris! I got him down pretty solid and he’s one of my mains. However, i live in CA and i dont hav any plans on goin to Chicago anytime soon, or even at all :sad:

heh wish I could show you some of the great matches I’ve had against the other anakaris user here

vhs that shit, low tier high lvl is gdlk

lol I’m not too tech savy in that sense.

but he has many other great low tier teams…he was killing with kobun/spiral/anakaris…

Anak users post here! Odd thread. Haha beatsofdevil has some Anak stuff up now and he plays well as do some other Anak players who posted here: