Does anyone else do bad against dumb players?


I don’t know why, but I can hold my own against decent and good people. But then When some 100-200pp player comes in and starts mashing uppercuts and wake up ultras I get murdered and the frustration makes it even worse lol. Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve seen this before in the excellent adventures series when mike says, “Just do it” all the time


Well, beat them with pure fundamentals. If your basics and understanding of the game is better than theirs, you should have a better chance to beat them.

It’s pretty much how every fight should go. Even in every pro fight you see this, especially between two people who haven’t played each other before.
Both parties play almost completely with footsies and fundamentals the first round(sometimes even the whole first match) before they start playing their own preferred playstyle. They feel each other out, see how the opponent reacts, their execution, their reaction time, habits etc etc.
So if you have a solid understanding of how the game works, then apply that knowledge into your game. You’ll improve a lot better this way.

Also, it’s nothing wrong losing to someone who does random things. However, it’s different depending on if the opponent is random due to lack of skill or random because he have a gameplan. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t have the basics down… Well, learn them. :slight_smile:


I cant beat Jyobin…


You call them dumb players…yet you get murdered to them.

What does that make you then?


Block more and bait more.


I think it’s a fair thing to call them dumb, but just as long as you don’t call them weak or bad. Often that style of playing is done without thought behind their actions, simply either memorizing a series of options or mashing and doing what feels right with no regard to the opponent’s tendencies or if you’ve been punished previously for your own actions. I think it is fair to call that “dumb” however if it wins the match you have to respect that it is effective and therefor strong.

Smart doesn’t mean good just as dumb doesn’t mean bad.

Hell, sometimes good players intentionally play a way that they themselves will refer to as “dumb” (See: ClakeyD’s SFxT Hugo) but because it’s effective there is no reason NOT to play that way.

If the opponent is winning by playing this way than they have no reason to adapt to your style of more methodical and planned gameplay. Likewise if you aren’t adapting to their style, regardless if you are calculating their trajectory and accounting for wind speeds while reciting the alphabet backwards your smart play isn’t adapting to combat their dumb play and you are getting outplayed.

To sum up, it’s fair to call it dumb as long as you acknowledge it is effective and the failure is on YOUR end to adapt to their style rather than the opponents end for playing that way.


ya that is true, I shouldn’t have fallen for all that in the first place, but I think it is fair because I got my rematch and killed them. I noticed I adapt really slowly


This happens to me a lot. As a Makoto player, a lot of my gameplan is based on mind games and conditioning my opponent…but mind games only work on people who are using their brains to play. These are the most frustrating types of losses because you know you’d wipe the floor with these people in anything more than a one and done Ranked match where this style of play can carry you a lot further than it would in any sort of extended set.


Mak can bust dumbasses. It’s just … really, really boring. Moreso than other chars imo.


I just play my silly ambiguous characters when I want to beat someone playing random.
Want to play dumb against Viper ? yeah, try that again lol.

Scrub busting is an inherent part of fighting game tho, especially Street Fighter I feel. It’s something you learn how to do.


ah this felt good, I lost to a ryu doing just a bunch of random stuff and I knew I needed to actually throw more cannon strikes because he kept doing random tatsus, so the next match I destroyed him and punished all his stupid shit, I guess I need to work on getting there and adapting faster, during the match


If I lose to a player like that, it’s usually because I’ve underestimated them. I’ll eat a mashed SRK and go, “Ah, doesn’t matter, I got this.” But those add up and before you know it, you’ve lost.


play lamer…press less buttons…let thier uneducated play beat themselves


i’ll tell you whats even tougher than an idiot.

a guy that knows how to play, and can be an idiot at times. selective idiocy if you will

really hard to get a read on that


Some players, you just gotta give up “teaching” them. You keep trying to mix them up, but they still are getting hit by the basic part. So just keep doing the basic part and accept your hatemail.



protip : If you are losing the first round you need to do something different and approach your opponent differently in the 2nd round.


Everytime I watch that match…I get upset. All he had to do is anti air and punish according to the situation…


especially in ranked with one game only this can happen easily. playing dumb (intentionally or not) can be pretty unpredictable. on the other hand if you lose against someone who does the same pattern over and over again you should feel ashamed.


you’ll get used to it, i tend to spot them within the first 20sc of the first round, then i just … block and punish, however ther’s something worse, the good player who pick a character that he dosnt main and start doing random stuff, thats really annoying