Does Anyone Else find it Easier to Do IM's INF With WM?



I strangely have an easier time doing his INF than IM? Plus his AA asisst is much faster. :eek:


There’s not much difference between them once u get it down, you just automatically adjust. I prefer IM’s AAA because it does more damage although it’s slower then WM :frowning:

But I prefer hearing the voice of IM’s infinite, poot poot poot uhn.

But warmachine’s war destroyer can help against runaway storm:evil:


Unlike IM War Machine can go into War Destroyer from the INF anywhere on screen. War Destroyer can DHC into Tempest for oodles of damage or HSF into Sent’s damaging AC. You can also combo into his smart bombs in his AC. :cool:


is his unfly semi infinite exactly the same as IM ?




You aint lyin bout that. I cant play MVC2 in my current situation, but I can play MVC and I use War Machine. The sounds he makes are irritating.


True Hut Hoot Hut Haaa!!!:lol: But WM is more versatile IMO.:o