Does anyone else hate other Oni's?

I don’t hate all oni’s, i love OMH, he’s legit, as well as a few others.

the majority are lame gimmicky oni’s who don’t do what they should do on way to many occasions.

most oni’s get there points from lack of matchup knowledge and would never win a best to 10 against anyone of the same skill level.

most oni’s play to win, not to get better. it’s gonna hurt them in the long run and it makes oni look bad.

no i don’t. most people though hate combofiend’s oni because apparently he doesn’t maximize damage, etc. but i like his Oni, even more than OMH’s.

Oni’s are so rare how could you hate them? In addition to being a new character; there isn’t the wealth of info and videos available for some of the more popular characters. Many people don’t know how exactly to play him, there is very little high level video in comparison to other characters. Even with the best Oni’s they seem to be still learning the capabilities of this character, and how to best use all his tools.

Just going to add that this is probably one of the most fun mirror matches in the game and I hate mirror matches.

Oni dittos are the WORST! He totally obliterates himself, haha :stuck_out_tongue: