Does anyone else hate playing online

i mean just like sitting at home by yourself and playing against people online

it just sort of depresses me, its completely different from playing in an arcade and doesnt feel worthwhile at all

does it have this effect on anyone else?

I used to play a lot on 2DF because it was the only way to play 3S online without ripping my hair out, but at the end of the day I ALWAYS prefer arcades. I’d rather see despair on someones face than getting cursed out online.

The only thing I don’t like is how awkward I feel socially in the “one on one, play game after game until one drops out” situation that you get on 2df/ggpo. I feel more comfortable on servers with multiple people and/or a system where you play one game and then back to the lobby.
But that’s probably just me. :confused:

i have a blast playing online :slight_smile:

I think that online play is a poor substitute for playing in an arcade. The lack of sportsmanship on the part of a lot of people just sucks, and you know they wouldn’t say half the shit they do if they were standing next to you at an arcade cabinet.

Lag is another issue. It changes the way you have to play, sometimes for the worst. It sucks when you’ve practiced some really great new combos only to find that they get eaten up because of lag and you’re forced to go back to your old bread & butter.

And yeah, there’s little human interaction (and I don’t really consider hearing the disembodied voice of my opponent coming through my speakers “human interaction.”) I mean, you’re STILL sitting there by yourself.

But that said, here in the US anyway, playing online is the only game in town for a lot of people because the arcade scene is all but dead unless you’re lucky enough to have one near you or you don’t mind traveling.

TOTALLY agree with this. Especially if I’m on a losing streak, I don’t want to give up a match and just quit on the guy. I end up playing over and over. In the arcade you at least get some breathing room letting the quarter line dwindle till it’s your turn next.

HDR did this pretty well, having rooms with spectators and a slots to wait till you played again after a loss.

Though nothing beats the arcade scene. Nothing at all.

My only problem with playing online comes in two parts:

  1. Lag sucks.

  2. People suck when protected by anonymity. I hate cowards who talk shit from the safety of being hundreds of miles away.

For someone like me who was never part of an arcade scene online play is the greatest thing ever. And I really do feel a connection to my friends on PSN. If any of them lived within a rational driving distance of me I would instantly go over to their house.

Live in Sacramento for a month without a car…then I’d like to see you complain about online matches. Online is the closest thing to an arcade I can get. Sure thirty minute drive to SFIV machine, but I’m carless so yeah…online is definitely good for me. Besides, playing people from other countries (japan & mexico) is kinda fun and opens up different things.

Me. I dislike playing online, it’s overrated and not that much more fun than playing against a high level CPU.

You also might face scrubs or lamers or whatever. Honestly, there’s no comparing to playing VS someone in “real life”.

Yeah too bad the Sac arcade scene is dead…just finding something to do in general in Sac is hard to do unless your a clubber… :sad:. I think online play is great in HDR though. I wish they put the quarter match rooms in SF4. It allows for you to jump online with all the people you know who live more than an hour away + voice chat makes it even better. If all fighters adopt the HDR style and almost lagless play I would be happy.

SF4 isn’t quarter match? That’s a damn shame if true. Take a step forward, take a step back.

Absolutely. If I lost my arcade scene, I’d probably quit SF.


havent played any console in over a year. might start playing sf4 on console though since SVGL doesnt have sf4. ill probably stick to playing at friends house though, since playing games online makes me sleepy/bored.

I can’t stand playing online. I need a crowd, people talking shit and money matching, and just having fun with my friends. Online play just feels like playing single player to me, too much is missing.

Internet tough guy.

Anyway, I don’t mind playing online. Casually sure. You can even gauge yourself. Online ranbats are pretty fun too even though there’s always a person or 2 that take it too seriously. I don’t even mind the shit talking at all. If you really let something like shit talking get to you, you’ve got a long way to go. You should NEVER catch feelings online except if it’s your ISP being gay or the person you’re playing is a tremendous faggot.

Well, at least you know that they are acting out how they truly feel online…if they act sportsmanlike when playing face to face, it could just be because they don’t want to show their true selves offline. I’d rather have someone act unsportsmanlike than to pretend to be sportsmanlike but really not be.

You can find those scrubs online or offline. Online allows you to play certain people you otherwise would probably never get to play(unless you are a hardcore traveler like Wong, then forget this). I’m sure all those guys had a blast getting destroyed by Dakou in kof98 GGPO.

i hate online play.
but since in germany the bemu community is almost nonexisting and i don’t know anybody in person who even likes any bemus even a bit, and there is no arcade in the whole country - what else is left?

I’m not a big fan of online but in today’s world of little to no arcades in the US it’s one of the few choices we have. I find that as we fet older it gets harder and harder to have a get together with friends to play fighting games. Everyone has different lives and schedules so most of the time online is the only way.

Ill always prefer arcade of course, but since I don’t have any (good) arcades within like, an hour and a half of me (meaning weekends or days off only), it’s better than sitting alone doing nothing. I can at least get good matches in on weeknights. If the game is too laggy and nothing like a real match tho, then I won’t play, which really doesn’t change my current situation…