Does anyone else have trouble with Alpha Counters?


Crossover Counters, whatever you want to call them – Forward+Assist during blockstun. I’ve occasionally had trouble doing these in actual matches, and I finally sat down in training mode to mess with them. I absolutely cannot get the input to be recognized 100% of the time.

Holding forward first vs. pressing forward at the same time as the assist button doesn’t seem to make a big difference. However, the game seems to have real trouble recognizing quick button presses. I’ve even had double tapping fail. Holding the button definitely works better, and sometimes I feel the alpha counter coming out a little delayed when I do that, as if the game didn’t recognize it for a few frames. Then there are times that I’m holding forward+assist for an entire beam super, only to get a regular tag after the super is over.

I can’t make sense of it. Has anyone else had trouble with these? I think every method I tried failed at some point. Even at their worst, alpha counters still seem to work 80-90% of the time, but it’s incredibly annoying when they don’t work. Especially when they can lead to big combos.

If anyone’s curious, I was mostly testing on the training stage against Ryu’s super, swapping between Wesker and Sentinel. 360 version.


You mean where your in block stun then your assist comes out with their assist. Don’t you just hold forward then the assist while after blocking an attack.


Yes, and my whole point is that it doesn’t work sometimes, for reasons I can’t understand.


this is one feature i have pretty much NEVER used. not through choice, i just mostly forgot it was there and i think ive done it by accident say twice since i got the game.


Even before this I think the hold button to bring in assist doesn’t always work right for me either. Sometimes I’ll be holding it and an assist will come out instead and random times when I want to do a variable super sometimes just the assist comes out instead. I’ll have to mess around with what you’re talking about though cuz the few times i tried it I didn’t seem to have a problem with it.


I do fine with them, but I’m trying to step them up to do air supers when tagged in. Anyone know how fast the input needs to be put in once a character crossed out?


Ask Renegade, since he’s the one that came up with this.


I do them when I’m desperate (Storm Ice Rain, damn damn damn), but I can’t say I ever used it to connect the entry attack.


crossover/alpha counters are back to down + assist, not just back + assist.


It’s funny, because you named the title Alpha Counters but you think the motion is just fwd+assist. The motion, coincidentally, IS the motion for an Alpha Counter.

B, DB, D + Assist.


Page 28 of the instruction booklet and page 40 of the guide disagree with you

Now if you are saying B, DB, D + Assist ALSO works, that’s different (and news to me).


This is the main reason I got frustrated and felt the need to mess around with alpha counters.

The super cancel timing’s pretty lenient though, it’s just any time you’re still in the air. It’s actually beneficial for Sentinel to do it a little late and lower to the ground so he can combo more easily afterward. I even managed to do a counter with my back to the corner, hard drive, immediate launch, Wesker assist and relaunch, otg rocket punch and super. :rofl:

My first exposure to alpha counters was CvS2, where they were Forward+MP+MK, I think. The primary command for crossover counters is just Forward+Assist, which is in the manual and the guide, as the above poster said. If the classic alpha motion works too, that sounds like a hidden feature or something.


I have the same problems as the OP. The command was f+assist in TvC as well but I never once had a problem getting it to work in that game.