Does anyone else here find Street Fighter stressful?


i feel you, you love playing at the same time you shouldnt really be playing. This happens in alot of walks of life basketballers etc. Youve just come to the crossroad where you gotta choose if its a flukey hobby or a serious thing of yours


Play Tekken Tag 2, that game will make you rage more than anything. Then you can come back to SF and enjoy yourself.


LOL TTT2 ain’t so bad. SF definitely

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Maybe you need to find stronger opponents? I loose almost every game playing against players with 5 times more experience than me and I love it, lol. I don’t expect to win, so when I do it is awesome, and I get heaps of points for it. I also only get to play online every weekend, so the offline practice gets me fired up ^^


You know what’s funny, now there’s a plethora of videos of SF4 on youtube (arcade version, not arcade edition) and I remember back when SF4 PC came out, I said it was inferior to the graphics of the arcade original. Now there’s proof out there! it only took 2 years!!!


lol tt2 is waaaaay easier. I can actually win in that with lars/dvj in this god damn street fighter game I get fucked up every match lol, I never know how to get in without getting hit by an anti air or a projectile


The mindset of every champion. After a while, the hatred of losing becomes stronger than the love of winning. Its natural.


I think with anything competitive it is natural to have a little stress… but if it gets to the point where its unhealthy it might be time to take a break. I just recently took a couple month break and when I came back I felt very refreshed and ready to learn again.

Also perhaps maybe pick up a different game or character? Sometimes if I am losing interest in a game I will do this and it helps a lot.

Just remember that this is a hobby and you are suppose to enjoy it. It should also be more about personal improvement rather than a w/l ratio. My w/l ratio has always stayed relatively the same but the level of competition I face gets better so its all relative.


I only get upset or stressed when I mess up a combo or punish.


This. I think that everyone who plays this game, or any fighter, a lot has hated it at some point. Easier said than done, but the best thing you can do is learn from your losses.


lol I look at my losses and realized my biggest problem was that every damn time I jump in, I get hit and It’s just impossible to get in for me! I still can’t figure out how to get in lol


After playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as my main game these last 2 years, I find it very hard to get angry in Street Fighter 4.

Don’t play Marvel man, I swear I thought I almost lost my mind once, I was kicking shit over and throwing my controller on the floor, I actually had to do deep breathing exercises and dip my head in a bowl of cold water to get myself back under control and realize that it’s just a video game online.


Ask yourself, why is it so important to win in an online game against a random person? Are you perhaps trying to get the feeling of accomplishment which you cant get anywhere else in your everyday life at the moment?

Understanding the fact that winning online is not important at all and stuff like BP/Rating are even less important e-peen extensions is the first step to get rid of all the pointless stress & rage any fighting game gives you.

Ive played competitively for 3 years now (granted not SF but other fighting games) and raging was a big issue for me before i started it. Even to the point that it took me a good couple of hours to cooldown after i had lost (even more so if i felt like i had eaten cheezy shit because of lag and the player i was fighting sent some mocking messages to me)

Get your feeling of accomplishment from elsewhere, or if you are bent on getting it from fighting games go into real offline tournaments. This way you will understand online is just a casual fighting ground. No ones going to pat you on the shoulder for your BP or online rating


This is why the best players are always friends with other best players, in my opinion. You need to legitimately enjoy each other’s company in order to overcome hating the loss or feeling cheated.

Laughing off bullshit is an essential skill to learning how to stop it.

This is a big problem I have with online. You can Skype or message but it’s not the same as face to face communication with the same person for long periods of time.


It stresses me, sure. But I enjoy it! Pain in the neck… could be the headphones.


I will get so angry at this game, so stressed when I lose to bull crap. It makes me feel invalid while I play. I have stress issues with this game, and I need to get over them. It’s just a game, but I have a strong pride for it, even though I know I am not that good yet. Raging just makes me feel even worse, and it makes me play worse. In a game where finesse and focus are prime, raging will make you lose faster than you can say Hadouken.


time to take a break dude.
try playing offline with a buddy with different characters, that’ll change your tone.

when you’re hungry again. you can start playin competitive.
but it sounds like you need a break.
we all go through this.

its a part of levelin up.


I’ll tell ya stressful…I played on a PSX pad, but after a few weeks of playing the right arrow of the d pad started sticking. While I looked to replace with a stick, I played with this pad…unable to dash, jumping straight up when I meant to jump forward, etc. Obviously messing up and losing cause of that was extremely stressful.

Then I finally get my stick, yay…except I grew up used to circular gates and american bat top sticks with the 6 button HAPP layout. So with my SFXTekken pro cross, I have to think where the buttons are, and I can’t wrap my fist round the ball top stick, and the square gate feels weird. That was 2 weeks ago, finally I’m getting more used to it, but still mess up tons of stuff I never would on pad. Hurrah…person made a bad mistake, and I can do a punish with full ultra meter which will be sure kill since opponent is almost dead. A jab comes out. A jab! I stare…lamenting this, and then die. Stressful. Though once I get completely comfortable with the stick I’m sure the stress will disappear (except for lag).


You must ask yourself why you play. Really, ask yourself. I had this exact same problem. When I accepted that I could truly play this game to have fun and learn is when I stopped feeling stress. Don’t be fooled by ppl drilling it down your neck that you have to win or else you suck. I was once in the top 100 ranked Fei’s onling (lol I know big wup), but the point was I was trying so hard to win that I was actually hampering myself. You’ll find that if you have fun and just experiment and learn, you’ll actually become a better player. I’m now losing 90% of my matches but learning something new about Yang almost every match. If I really wanted to I could easily get him to above 3000pp, believe me Yang wups ppl’s butts like no ones business. But losing and learning is actually more fun to me. Don’t stress, just have fun! Maybe stress if you go to a tournament or something :stuck_out_tongue:


When you play street fighter for fun an nothing else then it can be very fun an non stressful. Now if you play sf for the reason i do(i want to be a top 3 competent tourny pro) then getting the experience and training 5 hours a day can be the most heart breaking and demoralizing experience one could have. I myself find it to be a rough road with great rewards with the right amount of effort. the key to keeping the drive for me is to play casuals atleast 3 times a week where i dont care about winning an just troll an mess around with friends^^