Does anyone else still say "Rai-yoo" for Ryu?


Ryo, or Kyo for that matter?

Obviously since the SF2 OVA or the name announces in Super SF2, we’ve known it’s “Ree-you” or “Deeyu”

I still say “Rai-yoo” same for like names. Kyo = “Kai-oh” Ryo = “Rai-oh”

Fuck it. Sue me.




You could have just asked this shit in FGD or the lounge.


Yes and I do it on purpose. :tdown:


It’s Raul…


I say ‘rai’-yoo.

I play Gief, think I care about his feelings?

Plus it sounds better…and its what I called him his whole life.

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rai-you or ree-you, I think in the sfxt trailer ken calls him “ruu”


So do the “RAI YOU” people say that for SHO RAIYOOU KEN too?

Guess they can just skip it to say dragon punch, SRK, uppercut…


It’s Roo or Re-u, no idea why there are two different ways to say it.

And yes this didn’t need it’s own thread.

In ST he says WHORE-YOU-CAN! Because you can abuse it


Rye-You here.

Don’t know for sure which is correct, but calling him “roo” sounds weird.

Show-Roo-Ken is the correct way to say SRK last i checked. That does not necessarily mean the “Ryu” part is the correct way to say the character’s name.


/unwatch thread. :tup:

(Alpha 2. Select, announcer: “DYU.” christ giving us a cutscene sf x tek for reference. :bluu: )


I say “asshole” and proceed to selecting Blanka.


Yes. Force of habit. I dunno, if I pronounce ‘Ryu’ correctly in an English conversation, I feel like those ‘worldly’ school teachers with the sandals and the toe ring, who roll the fuck out of their tongues when they say a Spanish word (whether the word had an ‘R’ sound or not).

Evo announcers butcher the crap out of Japanese words.


No, because I know the Japanese pronounce “R’s” like "L’s"
It’s Lye-ooh


As long as you don’t say “rooo” it’s all good.

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The japanese cant pronounce the L at all, you are thinking about the chinese


I say RAI-YOO, because fuck those Asians, we own this shit now.


rai you

cuz im not jap so why the fuck would i use the jap pronunciation?


i’m pretty sure the correct pronunciation is “r-eye-you”.


If the man had a problem with being called Rai -Yoo, he would have said something.

Where he at? I don’t see him correcting no one. So fuck fictional people and they names, names get butchered all the time in the real world, you deal with it.


Better than hearing people say “Gully” for Guile…