Does anyone even use Rog anymore

I have been searching for pros, using Balrog in AE and there are not many. I found maybe 6 videos.
Cant find any with Javits, JSMaster, one with PRRog, I think I have seen one with Keno. I actually have not seen that many videos of Boxer in AE from Japan either. The ones that I have seen they have all lost.
PrRog fights Banana Ken and gets his ass kicked (of course, PrRog focuses his attention on Marvel vs Siezure 3 so he sucks now)

Whats going on, is Boxer really that bad of a characture now or is everyone moving to easier games like Marvel, whats going on?

If you have links to a player using Boxer in AE and WINNING, link me, please…

Of course I use him :slight_smile: i am no pro but i found one of my matches online if you are interested…

Been playing him since I bought SF4 Vanilla and I have no intention of looking back. Then again I’m just some random scrub from GFWL PC Arcade Edition, nobody cares what I play :arazz:

Been using Rose and Rufus for a while now. That’s only because peeps at the fight night can’t step to my Rog. When it comes to tourneys tho, i still whip out Rog when shit gets real.

see thats my point, there are a lot of “us” that use Rog.
But the people that used him before, PRrog, Javits, JSmaster, Keno and some of the others have all but dissapeared.
The rare videos that I have seen of Rog, Javits etc in AE… they were all getting OWNED, owned so bad they would have to pull out secondary chars and those would usually be Yun or Yang… lol.

Sad really
We’ll see at the Canada Cup in November, if JSmaster comes out with someone other than Rog… thats game.

You actually do raise a valid point. I hope JSMaster doesn’t whip out another character, that would totally suck.

Boxer getting some interesting (re)buffs in AE2012. I haven’t dropped him, just need a pocket counterpick character in AE at times.
We don’t have it as bad as some other characters… Boxer’s still alright, but he’s just ass in damage, requiring you to be less down-back and more RTSD.
I think most Boxer mains, and by extension, lots of good players of other characters, dropped the game or lost interest when AE came out.
Btw, JSMaster didn’t play at T12… just trolled the stream.

But I’m more interested in Ultimate Marvel vs Seizure 3. /bias

See and I dont think that those updates to him in 2012 are buffs in any way shape or form.
The only thing that I think will help him at all is st.rh hitting crouching opponents, but that will only help him blow up crouch techers.

They need to give him st.jab and remove that recovery on HB, noone cares about the damage that didnt hurt him at all.
Watch some of the videos of JS Master and PRrog from Super, there are A LOT of occasions where that hb would get them out of a bad situation, they would land and any punish that was attempted was blocked.
Well… in AE, thats not possible. Capcom has decided that they dont want Boxer getting out of mixups on wakeup. Which only lends to AE catering to rushdown.

Anyway, thats my rant.
Subscribe to my channel to see Boxer videos from myself and some top players.

And the reasons that I dont like Marvel:

  1. I dont like the engine or the type of gameplay, too corny for me
  2. I dont like tag teams, Im a mono e mono type of guy. If you want to fight, fight me but leave your friends at home.
  3. There is simply too much going on, gives me a headache.
  4. and last but not least… I feel like Americans have decided that they just cant beat the Japanese so they changed games, makes me feel like a coward.

Iceman justin wong gootecks any of them.

Fair points, re: Boxer’s crappyness since AE. We’re not going to get Super Boxer just like Honda and Guile won’t be back to their Super versions.
There’s something in-between it that we’ll have to deal with stuff.

And your points about Marvel

  1. Cool, not everyone’s cup of tea
  2. I don’t see how this factors into it, but ok. More like #1.
  3. Perhaps an extension of #1.
  4. Marvel wasn’t something the Japanese decided they wouldn’t try to be good at. I’m actually much better at SF4 than Marvel, but I enjoy that more. I like footsies and poking in SF, but also like self-inducing seizure play in Marvel. It’s more exciting. Now, if you asked me to choose between ST and Marvel 2… I’d go with ST. The high damage and no freebies in that game keep it interesting between rounds. This in a similar way how you don’t like Marvel 3. Marvel 2 was too fast for me at high level… Marvel 3 is easy enough to follow.[/details]

Recently started to pick up some Boxer. Still looking for another nice Charge Character, since i dropped DeeJay more or less.
Boxer is looking nice so far. I am totally loving the Ex Upper Loop and i am having a blast using it, although it´s not practical :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the club! It is always fun having a new Rog mainer here. You are wrong on the Ex Upper Loop, it is extremely practical once you get it down and is really useful for Boxer’s mixup game (since it’s so pitifully bad.) But first, you’re better off working on your footsies game (meaning sacrificing your DB charge to walk forward also.)

Been playing the boxer in super and AE on stick and he just feels right to me I mean his damage is bad in ae but I still win locals
But everyone will run back to him In 2012 cause his buffs and head butt to ultra just looks cool when u do it I mean a lots of boxer player are on other games right now like gootecks is back in to 3rd strike real head and pr rog is chilling with marvel and other idk but I like being in the b-rog army he like the only character I can rack up win with

So fellow Boxers. Because you need some AE vids.
Season’s Beatings Velocity has some PR Rog for you in USA vs World.

PR Rog vs Tokido (Akuma) at Part 2 1:21:00.
PR Rog vs Uryo (Sakura) 1:38:00.

Continued here.
PR Rog vs Poongko (Seth) at 0:16:00
PR Rog vs Mago (Fei) at 0:33:00.
PR Rog vs Momochi (Cody) at 00:49:00.

Been playing with Balrog since SF2. He isn’t as popular now as he was due to nerfs, but plenty of people still play him.

Boxer and 'Gief…my two mains!! Once I hook up my system, you’ll have another in the Boxer Militia!!!

730’s DROID 2 Global sent this…

As a Bison player, less 'rogs the better, that match up is so unfair.

Arcade Edition player base is very twisted because a huge bulk of players low and high caliber, dropped their mains for the Twins. After 2012 we might see some old players return with their “main chickens”.

Or can Balrog Handle the twins I dunno

Balrog has a 6-4 matchup against both Yun and Yang so I’m pretty sure that they can.

Wow you Boxer people are living the sweet life.

That’s how it’s supposed to be, but if I faced a good twin player it feels more like 4-6 lol