Does anyone ever use the 7th and 8th colors?

There’s some pretty cool looking ones like
Ryu’s orange, haohmaru’s red sword and gray sword, and geese’s red shird with white pants.

would you get an orgasm if i said yes? what’s the point of this question???

i use maki’s 3Kick outfit


When I play K groove, I always choose 3P for Cammy and 3K for Blanka. Then, when red cammy gets raged or orange blanka gets raged, it’s harder to tell!

I enjoy Hibiki’s blue & blonde and Kyosuke’s black (3Ks).

hibiki’s 3kick outfit r0x0rZ

I use 3 K Black Blanka, and 3P Sagat, and 3k Guile.

I used to use 3K Blanka (Black) 3K Cammy (White) and either 3P/K Sagat(White, Grey w/blue trim, respectively) and 3K Rock (Black) in K groove. Now I use Ino’s Colors (lk Blanka, lk Sagat, hp Cammy) and mk Rock (Purple)

Now in S or P groove, thats another story, I tend to use 3K Cammy, RH Blanka in S/ Fierce in P, and Sagat basically stays the same.

And yes, People do use the 7th and 8th colors.

Well I use some different characters so…

Nako: 3K (Black trim black hawk awesome)
Hibiki: 3K (Blonde Hair Blue outfit)
Rugal: 3P (White outfit red trim red dog animal)
Sagat: 3P (Dark skin white and black shorts)
Ken: LP (Classic Red :slight_smile:

I use the 7th and 8th colors pretty often. With Blanka I use his 3K color which is black/grey. My Terry uses 3K costume as well which is also black/grey. When I DO use Cammy I use her 3K or 3P costume (forgot which one it is) which is the white one, but it does look a little funky compared to the green or pink ones…blah!

I always try to color cordinate but its hard i play with k-groove and the yellow and black is what i try to match yun(mk) sagat(lk) and blanka (dosent have a yellow and black so i just use mp blue and yellow) does anyone know his closest color to yellow and black?

bah, takes longer, but the 9th color for each character is the way to go! custom color that shiet!

Guile: 3P.

I also like to color coordinate.
3k vega is blue which matches A and P groove.
3p vega is red so I use that when I play K Vega.
3k Terry(black and Grey) just looks cool.
3p Kyo(red) is phat because it looks sick with K-groove.
3k Rock(black and white with white hair)phatass Rock outfit.

And the all important pink Sakura(3p) :smiley: