Does anyone feel the game is too "available"

ok i might get a lot of flack for thinking this but does anyone else think it is too available? what i mean is many of us already got their hands on it and already know so many things about the game. I got A LOT of playing time already and it doesnt feel new anymore :frowning:

dont get me wrong i love the game but i feel once it comes out there wont be any new awesome tech, it’s like everyone already knows how to play the game. i get it, its beta they have to test it n stuff but man when it comes out it wont be as cool and awesome as if we never got our hands on it. i guess that’s what arcade was for back then to test balance but we all know arcade is dead. maybe the beta should only go to a fewer people so it’ll feel fresh when it comes out?

Dude, the game is in active development. The more people they get to test it - the better it will be for everybody

The netcode will be more solid, the connection will be better, the online won’t crash the server like the Day 1 beta accident

And what we’re seeing now and what will be on the storeshelves in 7 months from now might be entirely different

if you wanted the game to feel fresh on release you probably shouldnt have voluntarily signed up for a beta

This reason is why I don’t bother with early access/betas.

Lets the game stand on its own, instead of me going into it after having played a year of it in an unfinished form.

two things to consider… one is it active development… alot can change from here to release and two… In Japan it is common place to get games in the arcade sometimes a year before a console release. This just kind of gives the rest of the world a taste.

i know dude a part of me wish i hadn’t :frowning:

but its already done and i cant put down the damn game!

So you think this game is too “available” because you’re playing a BETA that lasts for five days?


The beta we’re playing isn’t even all that similar to the PAX build far as what “tech” works and what doesn’t.
This beta is strictly to test the stability of the netcode.

You know that you can forego the beta testing process in order to savor the gaming experience more completely when it’s released right? It’s kinda like you watch a trailer for a movie that shows too much or you keep reading reviews of said movie that tell too much then you complain that we know too much about the movie and that the movie is too available.

Arcade is only dead in america… I agree with some other posters these stress tests are vital and why are you complaining you get to test a great game and get a heads up way ahead of everyone else.

It’s a beta, the whole point is to play test the game and Iron out the kinks. This one in particular to test the game’s online infrastructure. Too many modern AAA has fucked up royally in this respect. Can you imagine the backlash had the game’s online failed on the game’s launch instead?

This thread is too available

I love that they are doing a Beta. No one really had a chance to play SF4 until it came out to 360 or a arcade.

Day 1 people will get killed in online matches in SFV with all this beta play.

Lol, Tekken 7 fans would kill to have worldwide beta, rather than waiting until kingdom come to even touch the game.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence…

I mean, the current build is already pretty different from the beta build, and not just in the amount of characters either.

This begs the question now…

…exactly what do we know about the beta and how they’re doing it? I’m guessing they’re doing multiple tests in the coming months before the game comes out? I’d like to imagine that it isn’t just these next five days and then six months until the game comes out. I was hoping we’d at least get the PAX build they’re using right now at the very least before the game comes out.

But that’s up to Capcom. I guess it leaves me wondering if the pre-order was really worth it.

There will be three beta phrases. Capcom has been specific about what the suppose of the betas will be. The first beta is to test the netcode, servers and character delivery system. Can’t remember what the second test is suppose to do but the final beta will test cross play. All the betas are to test the game’s online suite.

This is nothing new. Fighting games used to, and still have extensive, muti-day location tests in arcades in Japan. This is just the same concept applied to consoles.

this plus the fact quite a lot of the game has already changed in the new build so we will have to relearn a lot of stuff anyways.

There will be plenty of stuff to find after the launch release and far after. You cant even record dummy or play vs exhibition so its hard to even test a lot of things.