Does anyone from SRK know this movie?

I remember seeing this movie as a kid, and all that I can remember from it is that I think it was about the Vietnam War, and I remember some chick (one of the good guys) fighting the boss dude, and he ended up beating her. He had her by the neck and she spat in his face.

Later on in the movie, the main hero I guess sets off a trap involving a coke can and ends up killing a buncha baddies. In the end, I think the chick gets shot and he ends up carrying her home after he beats the main boss.

This movie has got to be old, but I really want to see it since the last time I ever saw it I must have been like… 6 or 7 years old.

Anyone know what movie this is?

“Debbie Does Vietnam”, that is what the movie is called.

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how old are you now?