Does anyone get hit out of rising attacks....alot?

Like if you are hanging on the edge and your opponent is doing a smash attack, my natural reaction will be to just attack off the edge because it’s invinceable I should win every time. In reality, it works like 75% of the time. It’s like doing a shoryuken with Dan and just hoping for the flash.

This is way more annoying than tripping to me.

They’re not free passes back up on the edge, if that’s what you’re looking for. They don’t exist. The closest is the sub-100% damage standard non-attack ledge pull, which leaves the player in neutral state at the same time the invincibility fades for most characters. Anything else, and you’re usually vulnerable long before you’re done with the animation, attack get-up included.

Learn mix-ups to get back up. Mix-in roll get-ups, non-attack pull-ups, and jump-ups. Learn to let go of the ledge and jump on with an attack with enough priority to cover you, or to air-dodge through the opponent’s attempt to stop you. Don’t just count on one maneuver 100% of the time, or you’ll wind up getting smacked back off for becoming predictable, especially once you’re over 100%.

(Most attack get-ups are punishable by any attack that can be done out of a shield anyways- which is dangerous in cases like Luigi where it’s a blow capable of killing at really low percentages. They’re rarely safe, and usually only worth doing if your opponent is overly-aggressive and is leaving themselves open for getting smacked.)

Well I’m not looking for a free pass, I just thought that was part of the mixup. Like if you both attack, the recovery attack wins. But if the defender waits it out he can take advantage.

In reality, if both players attack we’ll just roll the dice. Same thing with rolling, especaily since smash attack hitboxes are so huge that they can attack in the wrong direction and still kill you.

like he said before mix it up often the safest is dropping down then jumping and doing a dodge or an attack with stupid priority. Its never a dice roll some characters will own you for trying to do an attacking stand up especially if they see it coming,