Does anyone have a good capture card for sale?

Anyone? Looking for a good deal, Don’t really matter if the CD is with it or not. But don’t expect me to pay a crazy amount of money if the CD is not included.

I posted this in the wrong section by mistake, So here it is.

no cd, but the drivers are on the website, the old drivers had compat issues anyway. if you want some video quality proof my youtube is All video there is using my HDDVR. Actual recorded video from HDD obviously is clearer.

edit: oh as for pics it’s still inside my pc, I’m not going to take apart my pc just to take pics. It’s a pci card like I said.

Do you mind waiting a week?

whenever you can. it’s not going anywhere

Awesome, I don’t have an active paypal so I’m going to give my friend the money during this week and he’ll send it to you.

Nvm, Somebody else is buying his capture card. Does anyone else have one for sale?

I got this if you interested?


I have a Dazzle dazzle&hl=en&safe=off&prmd=ivns&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1920&bih=985&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=16168212526546979738&sa=X&ei=3CveTeCQJOzp0QHxnMXPCg&ved=0CGgQ8wIwAw

Includes software + serials. 3 CDs

I used it twice to get some video from VHS to DVD, and the quality was pretty great. It’s not HD, but it’s quality.
$30 shipped or another reasonable offer.

^ Can you show me some youtube footage? But so far unless that other guy is selling his for a phenomenal price it’s looking like I’m gona buy yours lol.

I don’t have any personally, but here’s a Youtube video.

Aiight, Let me see pictures of your capture card and cd’s and then after I see the price for counterhit’s capture card we’ll all be ready to roll. But a friend of mine wants to buy one also so w.e doubt both yours and his will be bought lmao.

CDs are out of the sleeve to cover the rest of the serial numbers. I only have two cd sleeves. The install disc will be placed in with one of the software CDs.

^ No problem, My friend is gona buy yours.

OK… Haven’t heard anything… updates?

Yeah my bad, I had to reformat my laptop so I haven’t gotten to contact my friend. I’ll let you know tonight.


Nice thread :slight_smile:

Sorry to thread jack but anyone have one for sale still ? PM me

My friend is nowhere to be found, So just contact “PROBLEMZ” unless my friend comes around.