Does anyone have a guide for soldering a MadCatz XBox 360 joystick?

I ask this as I am working on a stick for 360 and I am using the PCB from the MadCatz Arcade Stick as the base. Thanks.

You mean the MadCatz arcade sticks that aren’t out yet?

Ask again in 1 month…or 2

I think he means this:

pygmy, definitely read through Slagcoin’s site. You won’t find a more compressed source of information around.

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the PCB Toodles linked to. I used that as the base of my stick and would highly recommend it. I have a something of tutorial up for it here.

Yes, I was talking about the cheap MadCatz joystick.

fsckyle, I need to ask, did you by chance use resistors to neutralize the trigger buttons? Also, how did you get the analog sticks off? Is there a screw that holds them on?


Nope, there wasn’t a need to. It’s safe to ignore the “set triggers to neutral” if you’re wiring a six button stick. Just use the two bumpers labeled LB and RB. I didn’t solder anything on the backside of the PCB.

The analog nub will come off with a gentle little push, similar to the PS dual shock. There’s nothing to unscrew.

I’m reviving a dead post to say that i too am going to be using the PCB from one of these sticks for my build. I was considering an 8 button setup so I could have the PPP and KKK buttons but all this talk of resistors and whatnot for the triggers is making me a bit nervous. Any guides or links to show the wiring with the use of resistors?


<3 olive.

EDIT: I found this page in which Toodles and Purrin have cracked the code, so to speak. Might help for anyone with the same question pygmy and I had.

uh oh o_o

Yeah, I’m so bad with pulling off 3button supers that I need the crutch of the PPP/KKK buttons…

Then again, I probably won’t get any better if I keep using them. Also, it sounds like a tad bit too much extra work so I’m just gonna make a 6 button and be done with it.