Does anyone have a link to a thread with templates for Art's TE Full Panel Cover?


Hey guys, new to the forums and was wondering if there was a certain website or thread with templates for Art’s TE Full Panel plexi. I used the search function but couldn’t find anything on it:(

Also, is there anyone with a vewlix design with the last 6 buttons instead of the first 6?

thank you!

edit: is there any with specifically last 6 buttons?


Oh, you looking for art stuff?
Then link of rtdzign.

Don’t know how you not see it on First Page.


The forum is about ten to 15 post below the one you made on the first page.


I checked thaat thread and I saw the templates, but was wondering if there was a certain thread dedicated specifically for the Full TE Panels, instead of just the standard TE panel that comes with the stick


Ok aside from pointing out there were 8 better ways to ask this than starting a new thread, most TE templates in the regular Template thread will still work on full panel plexi.

You are going to be printing on the same paper anyway, you just don’t cut it for the panel anymore. All you need to cut is your button, joystick, and Turbo area holes and you are set, just pop out the buttons, plop on the art and plexi and reassemble.

It’s quite simple.