Does anyone have an Evo2k3 DVD set?

I bought the Evo2k3 - Evo2k4 DVD set more than two years ago and the Evo2k3 portion never came. It took me this long to realize that because I never bothered watching Evo2k3 videos. Also, the Evo2k4 set did not come with VF4.

Does anyone have Evo2k3 DVD set I can buy or download?
Does anyone have VF4 from Evo2k4 that I can buy or download?

Thank you!

Edit: I do not mind if they are burned copies either!

check your pm box

I’m looking to buy/download evo2k3-2k6. When I went to, they only had evo2k6 for sale. Is there any way I can order/download the previous ones?

Im try’n to get the evo 2k5 dvd for marvel, cvs2, and 3rd strike. Anyone know where I can get thoughs?

Same here but I like 2k2-2k5 anyone?

I Would like the Evo2k6 DVD please.

I’m also looking for Evo2k3.

Would be cool if SRK put it to DL, i’ll pay like SRK Market of something, can this be done? i would like 2k2, 2k3 and 2k5, shit even the B series

I think I’ve got 2k2 and 2k3 at home. I’ll check. I’m not burning copies though unless staff says it’s cool.

I have a Bit torent for it. But I can’t attach it… PM me… I’ll get you a copy… :wgrin: there is a thread for it somewhere…

I’ve got 2k2, 2k3, and b5 here.

I want to get as many torrents to the videos as I can…

I’m looking for as many torrents to videos as I can excluding Evo2k5 since it was posted in the articles section:

^ too bad there are no seeds :sad:

PM if you need them.

i need a copy pls…let me know dudes…

evo 2005 dvd: