Does anyone have an LG CG 300? I need help

Here’s the scoop…the phone screwed me over so I threw it…mutiple times. We’ve all been there, right? Well…out of sheer anger I didn’t consider contacts, messages, pictures, etc. would be lost… The thing is, I thought all my contacts were automatically saved to my smartchip, but apparantly…they weren’t.
So now my phone turns on and can receive and send calls…but I can’t see them…or anything. My phone is completely black as if there wasn’t a screen at all.

What I need from you guys is the menu screens and/or shortcuts… I need to know how many times to press up/down or which numbers to press to get to save my contacts from my phone to my smart chip. Example menu ~> #8 leads you to the address book. …I just need the rest now. :sweat:

PLEEEEAAASE!! I need my booty numbers. :frowning:

You are a moron. Who the hell throws their phone?

You deserve no booty for a year.

or you could call the phone company / go to the phone store

You could get a cable to hook the phone up some phone software (if LG has it) and get the numbers back that way. Or you could look in the instruction manual and see if they have the menu on there.

So how many guys do you have on your booty call list?