Does anyone have an MSF video?

Anyone have a video of someone getting an MSF? Even an S would be cool. My friends any I have played forever and never seen anything above an A++. Any video with a higher ranking would be cool. Thanks!


You’re kidding right? You know you could have posted this request in this thread.

I have a video of a guy getting an SS, but I don’t know where I can upload it. It’s only 10.2 mb.

Check out that thread in my post up there, you’ll find the video I mentioned.


Thank you!! You are the man! :wonder:

Demon Dash, you can always upload it to

Great site for videos, IMO.

ouch double fucking perfect.


sometimes when i get to the arcade after work earlier than the rest of my fellow 3s players, i’ll play vs. the CPU for fun. i don’t have a vid, but i do have pix that i’ve taken with my cell. i took them because a friend who’s in Hong Kong at the moment wants to make some sort of web page that’s MSF themed. not really all that into it, but i humored him anyways.

here are the pictures: