Does anyone have an open slot in an EVO carpool?

I’m desperately looking for a way down to EVO, so please let me know if you’re doing a carpool down there and have space for one more person.

Thanks in advance.

+2 me and my bro may also need a ride.

I may have another ride, but let me know if you need one as well. About how much do you think my cut of the gas money would be round trip?

Editied my confusing post.

Yo I Need A Ride…Will Split Cost Peeps

Anyone flying up just for cvs2 and leaving the next day morning? Need someone to go with. My friends are broke asses. We can check out Vegas the whole night.

How much would my cut be round trip? I’m trying to figure out how much money I’ll need for the whole weekend.

Yeah, it looks like there was a misunderstanding. I need a ride, too. Anyone have any seats available in their carpool?

I have room for passengers in my car, a four-seater sedan.

San Jose, Aug 7 evening -> Las Vegas, Aug 8 morning
Las Vegas, Aug 10 night or Aug 11 mid-day -> San Jose, Aug 11 day or evening

About how much would my cut of the gas price be?

Well, right now I’m solo, so… I’m estimating the total fuel cost at $200 on the high end, so around $100 for now.

Well, I’m certainly interested, so please let me know if anyone else is coming along. My budget is pretty tight, but I should be able to afford 100$ if I have to.

if u come pick me up i got 75 bux on gas bro holla back round trip

I think you’re mistaken. I can’t drive, and am looking for a carpool down there. Sorry. Someone above is carpooling down there, so perhaps you could go with us.