Does anyone have any good pics of #13?


I haven’t been able to find anything in the way of artwork for him, but I’m interested in doing a cosplay of him and need a good picture for reference.

Kinda bummed this is an all female fighter, since I’d love for him to be a DLC character.


#13 is just an Egret with a sniper rifle. >_>


Just go as a giant aiming reticle.


None of the non-generic egrets seem to be toting a sniper rifle, so you’d be going as an egret with rifle.


The guy at the far left is him.


#13 is chinese girl called Juju. True story :clapdos:


True story: Snipers wear diapers. Make sure to incorporate that into the costume.

Just make an egret costume. Kind of generic I guess though… army uniform with gas mask.


Here she is


I think you can pull it off, Kai.



^ This is obviously the correct answer.

I’d be surprised if it wasnt a reference to mother fucking Golgo 13.


Ah, so that’s Juju. I’ve been wondering that for awile now.

I’m curious to ALL the characters in the wacky world of Skullgirls, it’s like how I get when I get into anime’s, but it’s not an anime.:wink: That’s pretty much how psyched I am about this game.


Does anyone have a screen shot of the facebook post that gave birth to Juju?


I got one in my brain. Still working on that cranial USB slot though sadly…



This ain’t Arcana Hearts. There gonna be some men men.