Does anyone have any information on Marvel Knights?(The Team)

Lately i’ve been looking up information on older Daredevil stuff and I came across at the bottom of the page it talks about an actual mini series called Marvel Knights #1-15. Does anyone know if any TPB’s were released of this, and the quality of the series? I’m interested in almost all of the characters listed as being on the team.

It was actually a series. The first one was by Chuck Dixon but it was cancelled and relaunched not long after with another writer. The second relaunch wasn’t as successful as the first if I remember and soon after the title ended with a couple Marvel Knight Double Shot issues or something.

The most recent thing with a similar fell was in the last Ultimate Spiderman arc had Ultimate Daredevil create a sort of Ultimate Knights team. As for the Marvel Knights line itself, it has been restructured for out of continuity mini series.

Ahh true, thanks. I take it they never reprinted the series in TPB or hardcover form?

I don’t think they did, at least not the second series. But who knows, they made tpbs of different stuff at different times. If they didn’t before, maybe one day they will.

And if not, try tracking down the issues in the dollar bins. That is how I managed to get most of my Black Panther issues from the Priest run.