Does ANYONE have my old Tobias avatar?

With him going “well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me”!

Someone? Anyone? :sad::sad::sad:

never saw it, we need more AD fan thread lmao :pray:

It was such a beastly av. Dark_Giygas spent a TON of time on it, cutting a Tobias animation from a short video clip. I feel so terrible about losing it. I know I got a lot of props and lols for it, so i’m hoping someone save it.

:wonder: My brother David (JiBbo) had saved it on his labtop. I can call him up and see if he still haves it if you’d like… dood!


Yeah Dood(with JiBbo assist) is the saviour of IMM.

:xeye: I called him today. He had it but he restored his laptop a couple months ago and no longer has it. :shake: Sorry about that… dood.


im pretty sure i got carpal tunnel from making that av

edit: i just went onto my photobucket looking for it and theres some brutal shit on there lol

haha i remember that av

i hope someone finds it :confused: