Does anyone have Sanwa or Seimitsu parts?

I’d really like to buy locally for two sticks and some buttons, I’d rather not pay for the parts, shipping from Japan, and wait two weeks. Thanks in advance. :karate:

Seattle area…

I would say talk to Kuenai. That’s not local though.

Lazy and impatient…

What the fuck…? Get out of my thread with your emo K’ walking bullshit.

I think Matsu has sticks and buttons in stock:


PS: This is the cabinet I’m getting:

101! Alright man, I was totally joking.

Regardless, I’ll come out and say it, what do you need? I can try to request extras when I call my Japanese cousins.

And lighten up, guy.

Also, I think Julien is a good friend of Nate’s (Hugo, Gameworks). He’s good people from what I know.

Julien, your cabinet is BOPS.

Is Kuenai Portland? I’m not sure who he is, is he the black guy who is funny and does SRK radio, or am I thinking of someone else…

Dude I don’t even know you.

Wouldn’t stop me from offering assistance. W/e though…

What I am saying is if I knew you, I would have taken that as a joke, but some random stranger saying that isn’t very funny/jokey.

Random is random

I love the beef!!:rofl:

what’s beef?!?


BOPS…is that a good or bad thing?

good thing.

It can be both. `

agreed although people (some) can’t take sarcasm lightly and feel butt hurt. I know, it’s happened to me already in another thread and thought the response was pathetic.

It’s like some people don’t know what “overly familiar” means.

If you’re just looking for parts, I don’t see the point in buying through me. I’m what you could call semi local. I’m actually in Skagit County (a little over an hour north on I-5), but as I suggested already in your ST thread, check out Ponyboy’s thread in the trading outlet. He’s got prices that can’t be beat. I order my parts from him. I could get you parts, too, but that means you’ be paying more, since I would have to pay shipping twice.

here’s your link-FS:Sanwa and Happ parts

And I’m the random white kid that shows up at Zach’s every now and then. The funny black guy who runs Alphaism is Ben aka Bunkei

Cool yeah I got the faux-japanese names confused, I’ll order my parts from ponyboy. :tup:

Dunno about Ben’s, but mine is simply an inflection of “clever”. Kind of a joke name, to be honest.