Does anyone have the frame data for parries/JDs?


From what I recall, parries in 3S have a 15 frame input window, and I know that the input timing is stricter for this game’s P-Groove. And JDs are a similar concept, so any info on that would be helpful, too. Thanks in advance.


I’ve always felt that the input window for parries in this game is almost half that of 3S. I’ve never seen the actual data for it either. I don’t know where you’d find it outside of that CvS2 bible.


Not sure what exactly is being asked. Check Buktooth’s guide on gamefaqs for info on how much frame advantage you get when you JD something:

You can JD/Parry one frame before you can block, which has the effect of making certain moves safer in K/P grooves.

Here’s what Buktooth’s guide says about Parries and JDs:

"- Forward and down parries both have the same stats: They have a 5 frame parry
window if you HOLD the direction on the stick, and a 10 frame parry window if
you let the stick go back to neutral after tapping a direction. This is
obviously designed to help prevent accidental parries.

Air parries have the same 5 frame window for holding the direction on the
stick, but also have a less forgiving 8 frame window if you let the stick go
back to neutral.

All parries attempts have a 23 frame “lag time” afterwards where the game
won’t accept another parry input in the same direction. This can be
circumvented by quickly tapping in a different direction, then back to your
original desired parry direction. For example, after tapping down, the 23
frame “lag time” can be bypassed by quickly going back to neutral, tapping
forward, going back to neutral, and then finally going back to down again.
Doing all that in under 23 frames isn’t the easiest thing though, so I
wouldn’t really recommend putting a lot of time into practicing this.

  • All Just Defends have the same stats, airborne or ground based, high or low.
    When tapping OR holding back, the game accepts the first 7 frames after doing
    so as an active Just Defend input.

    All Just Defend attempts have a 8 frame “lag time” similar to P-Groove’s, but
    I don’t see how that can be taken advantage of without back dashing."


That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.