Does anyone have the info that clockw0rk posted on OR?

In the thread where he posted he said gaming disc at videoopera something but i can’t find it, probably too old.

Would appreciate it since I’m trying to learn OR.:woot:

Also is OR’s os cancel or retract preferred? I would think cancel is good if your trying to get closer and anticipate a counter. Retract for baiting assists?

Just read the stuff here; VidOp is long gone.

I learned OR with Clock & I’m pretty sure I’ve posted most of the useful shit throughout the years. Although if I remember right, I think he likes coil assist. I prefer strike assist. They’re both decent (not great).

Cancel & Retract are both good and have their uses. Mix it up and stay unpredictable, cuz both can be pushblock punished.

PS: Watch those Japanese vids (I think the team was OR/Jugg/BBHood) over at zachd too. Good info for OR vs. Sent