Does anyone have the Mayflash template?


I just got a mayflash stick from a friend of my and he wanted to get it mod. The modding is almost done, because there are tons of forums about it. However, I do not see any template forum for the stick or know how to get a plexis for it. Does anyone know how??? Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


If anyone needs the template it is here now!!! This was would help anyone that wants to mod there own mayflash stick.

KaizenStrife just send me the template for the stick and is here at


I tried that, but I want to know how to print it!

Everytime i try its’ sooo big


I got a perfect size template for the mayflash stick now. If mr_casesar or anyone need it just pm me.


What was wrong with the one KaizenStrife sent to you?


Eh? I thought you had this figured out already from the modding a mayflash thread.

If you are still having problems what app are you using to print and what kind of printer do you have?


Yeah i did, that post was after i posted in the mayflash thread…

The stick is almost done, just waiting for some plexi… i’ll post some pics up soon… i’m taking two buttons out, and i put 24mm sanwa’s at the back for start/select


Here’s a photoshop template you can use to create your own art for the Mayflash arcade stick:

Here’s one I just whipped up in a few minutes:




Wait is there anything wrong with the one Kaizen sent to you?