Does anyone have the timing for this?



This is probably known, but I didn’t find it out until I was messing around awhile ago.
Urien can link (not cancel) Tyrant Punish and Jupiter Thunder off an EX Tackle. The timing is very hard and I’ve only been able to do it like 3 times. Does anyone have it down and if so, how are you doing it?

Stupid fact: This link allows you to get a 100% combo on Gouki and Remey with the Jupiter Thunder.


I do it by watching his feet. I do one QCF when the second tackle first hits, and do the QCF+p, when i see his feet stop sliding. That’s usually how i’ll get that, or the high-angle aegis to do the s.jab, s.strong, short tackle series of combos.


With SAII you can get a 100% on Gouki AND Remy, but you have to preform a string before the using of the super art lol, but you probably know that.

What i do is i wait to hear the crack that the 2nd tackle hit makes and that works for me, since SAII has a large vertical hit box it can hit a low falling enemy if your a bit slow. Also check out under the 3s section look for the SlimX faq if you want to know those 100% pseudo combos