Does anyone have the Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX?


What is your impressions on the stick? Does it have turbos and is it better then the se stick?


eh ???

what are you trying to do ?


They are two different sticks


Seriously, just by looking at the specs for the HRAP Ex you should know that there’s no Turbo function…

Check older threads:


oh because a hori ex is the real arcade pro for me and most of the other person here… if you mean the smaller one its the ex2 !
i have answered your questions in the other thread … no turbo and stock buttons arent that great … if you want mod it do it …

if you want a heavy and big stick the ex is your choice …
if you want a small and light stick get the se … se ist pretty good modable …
if you want to dualmod it get a se

i think you will want to mod both with full sanwa/seimitsu … ex came already with the sanwa jlf but hori buttons … se are madcatz version of stick and buttons

i would prefer the ex because of size and weight … but hate the non common pcb and start/select at the front … if you can live with it get it


It’s not even an old thread since HRAP EX owners are still posting in it…

I know new users are stereotyped to do things like this, but surprisingly I’m an exception…


Seriously? My God some people are lazy. For the love of all that is holy, look around.