Does anyone have this Stick named XBOX X-Fighting Stick

Today i bought this stick that looks like Virtua Stick HSS-0136 clone, but with a name called XBOX X-Fighting Stick. I have never hear of it or seen before. Its made for old xbox with Virtua Stick HSS-0136 clone style. So if anyone has one or seen Please Post here. I will try to open mine and mod with buttons and pcb. Also i think the buttons are sanwa knockoffs.

here are some pics.

sexy, i kind of want one.

It does look cool clone.

my friend has that one but it was for the dc
apparently they made them for the ps2 as well:

nice, so ps2 has one too. I saw this one on ebay. the real deal for ps2 but in black color.

Sega Saturn Virtua Stick For PlayStation 2

That site u point out has some nice sticks that i havent seen before. Like this one

So i found mines here on this site too.

Those sticks are super rare.
I had a friend with one a long time ago, and iirc, his was a full sanwa’d version of it.

those sticks are actually pretty cool, I like the colors.

I’ve had the P2 Gamemate Fighting stick. Exact same layout except it was for PS2 and it’s not bad. It has that perfect SNK button alignment too.

Link to the person selling this along with other sticks:

I remember this stick almost four and a half years ago being sold from Play-Asia for $30.
Boo. :tdown:

Forgot to say thanks to u for point out about this ale. All i want is the case for the layout style. 40 dollars isnt bad dude plus getting broken one too for free.

That’s because he probably has the actual, real one, not this knock off.