Does anyone here enjoy Skins UK?

After the perpetual depression that was season 3 & 4, I really had a good time watching season 5. Season 6 can’t come soon enough!

Series 3 and 4 weren’t that bad. I’ll admit they could have been better, but I did like JJ - since he was a loyal friend to both Freddie and “Cook”. Series 5 was a massive upgrade and the cast actually seems pretty well-rounded for a Skins cast (like series 1 and 2).

I agree, but Effy, Cook and Freddie brought down the mood so often it started to overshadow the other characters great stories, making it hard to watch. If only they had toned it down some, it would have been a more enjoyable couple of seasons.

1st Gen was leagues above 2nd, so I can only assume it’s gone really downhill since. Am I wrong in assuming?

3rd gen is very good. Can’t say the best yet since they still have one more season, but it really is worth watching. Funny thing, one of the new characters Liv looks just like Jal from 1st gen.

Yeah, I definitely couldn’t really take on Effy and Freddie’s relationship - it kept bringing the pace of the story down too quickly and too far. Effy was a headcase to begin with and was far better as Tony’s sister that “seldom spoke” (which in the 1st gen series - she barely said twenty words). Then again, 1st gen was absolutely brilliant no matter how you look at it… 2nd gen had potential but they kind of blew it all on trying to force Effy and Freddie going back and forth. Outside of that drama, I was kind of happy with the Emily/Katie storyline and the Pandora/Thomas one as well. All in all, I’m just trying to say it wasn’t exactly atrocious … just could have done better to give other characters more leg-room in their storylines (like how first gen did for Sid and Cassie in contrast to Tony and Michelle).

Third generation though is, so far, promising. They’re giving all of the characters enough space to grow as a group - rather than just individuals. I mean, hell, who the hell can hate Alo? That guy lives out in middle of nowhere and still knows how to rock a party (despite him going insane and his chronic masturbation). I’m still a bit confused about the Rich/Grace thing going on, especially with all of the drama surrounding the headmaster (Blood) and … well. … you know, no spoilers out of tags (and I’m too lazy to bother right now).

You’re right. Plus, since the character arcs aren’t so tied into each others, I should try to watch the episodes without any “love triangle” bits.

Well, it’s difficult to really watch Skins without getting involved in the ‘love triangle’ arcs - it’s a pretty strong foundation to any of the generations of cast. The third generation, as you said, isn’t exactly as worked together as the others. Granted, there are some love arcs going around that’s starting to get tedious (especially the whole Liv/Matty/Franky…blah blah blah). But it’s not over done this time… yet, at least. The first series of the third generation kind of pushed the envelope when it came to making sure that the characters developed at their own pace, while intertwining them at times. Of course, it’s pretty much how most of Skins has been … love triangles and insanity. Who could forget the intensity of Sid and Cassie’s relationship? …

Also: fuck you. Why’d you have to make a thread to remind me of Skins? Now I’m going to wind up going home and pulling out the external hard drive with all five series on it… and watch as much as I can. Then again, thankfully, there are Monday shows coming on that I have to watch (cough Syfy).