Does anyone here have ADD and find it difficult to play?

I’ve played around 6000 matches from vanilla. I’ve practiced countless hours, had advice from some really solid players. Played around 4000 so far for super, and I’m still very bad and make some of the same mistakes.

I can still mess up DP’s, ultra’s on the left side…have moments where I can do anything.
Then I have other moments where i do awesome…even playing the good players, where I do everything right. I can`t do it consistently though.

Does anyone else have ADD as well that plays? like I aspire to be really good, but I just don’t know if I can do it.

What is your guys take on it?

This is like saying “I have ADD and I am having problems concentrating” isn’t it?

Isnt one of the affects of having ADD having trouble concentrating?

Actually, having ADD myself, I find it true that we have trouble focusing on a lot of shit, but oddly enough, games like SSF4 have enough action and stimulation that I find myself hyper-focused rather than distracted while playing. Maybe it’s just me, but having ADD doesn’t mean you can’t focus on anything, keep working at it =)

Edit: That’s true about consistency though

play rufus or something

Everybody has good games and bad games. That’s called being human. You’re going to mess up and make mistakes. Hell, I don’t have ADD and I suck ass. I’ve been playing for a good amount of time and I suffer from the same lack of concentration/lame execution at times. It’s called “Having an off day”.

Sometimes, you can have an off-day every day, like me. I never perform as well as I want to.

Get your doc to prescribe you some Adderall. Its great, even if you don’t have ADD!

Wo wee, lets get us some of that amphetamine salts.

But really, prescribed methamphetamine and amphetamines? Nah. I really like the fact that ive never been chased by shadow people. Or that i ever will.

I have ADHD, but im not fucking with amphetamines. Bad advice.

I still think ADD and ADHD are made up medical conditions.

Not made up, rather over diagnosed.

as far as i can tell video games are the ONLY thing people with ADD can do easily lol

protip: execution problems arent a result of add. work on those special moves.

im sure youre very qualified to make judgements on this considering your phd in brain chemistry, neuro processing, and human behavior, right?

those and “depression” are just another word for rich man’s disease. They fact that they have enough time to even worry about something like this. Whereas poor ppl thats living pay check to pay check and is struggling to survive, just deals with it and its called life. They dont have the luxury and sit and think and say “hey maybe im sad today and its a sickness”.


It is real, the problem is that parents are not disciplining their kids and engaging them in activity. There is a fine line between abuse and discipline. And parents today, like all of America, hate to be told the truth. so they bitch and pharmacy companies make huge bank by using amphetamine salts and derivatives to “cure” this.

If a parent is so adamant to not discipline their kids, they need to force them to play Tetris, do tons of Math, Force them to play an Instrument, and force them to go outside with kids and run. Usually a combination that tires them out physically and something that stimulates the mind through remembering patterns or solving problems mentally is what keeps this in check. Although this can persist into adult hood.

Point being, you have a partial point. ADD and ADHD are the most over hyped/diagnosed “diseases” in both Canada and America.

Smoke the ganja man… or take xanex. OOOh or E… nah… not e, do drugs tho. but I know what you mean, you can practice for hours play pretty good but your still a choke artist… no homo… if you do drugs tho, it’ll balance out dood. forreal.

Take xanex, but not E? LOL, sure let me take something that is likely to become both psychologically and physically addicting. Its like saying LSD/Acid stays in your system forever and you’ll do shrooms because they are safer. LOL. I hope your not the kind of people who say, fuck all chemichal drugs, stick to weed. Because banter like that is going to keep drugs illegal.

Point being, @everyone else dont do drugs until you learn the drug. Much less tell other people to do it. Learn what it does to you, learn why and how it does it. And most importantly, until you grow and respect the damn drug dont do it, much less tell someone to do it.

Wtf… The drugs listed that I told him to do are mellow ass drugs… why the hell would I recommend the drugs you listed for example if there a possibility for a bad trip… your just making a random analogy, the whole point is get over the add/adhd. Drugs given to reduce these effect ritalin, wellbutrin, adderall, have the same effects as the two that I announced, and if you break it down genius xanex and ritalin aren’t too far off from each other.

E is a methamphetamine which is an upper… you can’t focus on one thing with that shit, (Hence the re-nig of using E) but yea if you want a good drug that’ll do it. but ganga and xanex are considered stimulants real easy to focus cuz you zone out…

Don’t be a homo. @ pedo, it’s a lifestyle that is relevant regardless of legalities. I don’t need to type all intellectual to let you know that, anything taking away from the actual issue is bull shit.

it’s an option to try and don’t over do it. Don’t make hate comments make you closed minded @ je83

Oh and btw… Shrooms are more dangerous than acid idiot… Acid is a chemical functioning drug which stimulates mind/body y’know the norm for a chem drug…

the way you get your ‘trip’ from shrooms is that it’s your body fighting the poison that is involved in the shroom. you take too much you die… shrooms come from bull shit…literally… A BULLS SHIT. Black angus, cow whatever you wanna call it.

Don’t be all Captain Save a Board… Because you didn’t post anything worth calling relevant to what the first guy posted.

I’m not qualified to make a judgement on a biological level but this “disease” sounds like a bunch of hoopla. People have a hard time concentrating on boring and repeated task, some deal with it better than others because they learnt to. It takes discipline. The symptoms sound like stuff everyone does.

i do do pot, and it does help me alot actually. but i haven’t been able to get my hands on any recently because im very poor

thanks all for the input

the fighting is humorous as well, i enjoy the going at each others throat thing

if you do do it, why do you need to buy it?


yes they both arent far off, both are just as addicting. The whole analogy was to you saying maybe dont do MDMA, but did comment on Xanex as if it was safer.

You do know, Marijuana is considered a downer and a dissociative as well, do you? Small doses of MDMA at barely threshold level allow for a level of focus. You dont have to take 120 milligram poke pill. However you should know that MDMA is an oddball. Its shaped like an amphetamine, and somewhat acts like it, but it isnt. Besides the entire point of Xanex is to allow you to zone out, and weed does that to as well. Those traits are why people who do these drugs sit around zoned out saying shit like

“What if all the air we breath turned into wood?”

Not that everybody does that when those drugs are introduced to the system.

Im not saying don’t do that shit. I take things that i shouldn’t be taking. In fact for my choice if I get caught before i take it from authorities i will go to jail for a long time. Perhaps you should re-read my post. Its saying I hope you arent the kind of person/people that go around spewing shit that sounds like this

“fuck chemical drugs, stick to weed.”

What i will do is tell morons like this, who happen to be about over half of the weed smoking population that they are morons and have no business taking such powerful agents. And from your previous post, you have an understanding, so I apologize if I sounded like a dumbshit conservative and liberal intellectual. However you dont know your shit when it comes to mushrooms.


Of course i know that. So do mushrooms on your Pizza, they grow on piles of Shit. However you are uneducated on mushrooms and its effects. They grow on shit because its rich in methane and nitrogen. Necessary nutrients for mushrooms in general to grow. Hence why mushrooms only grow in dark damp places next to decomposing material. FYI, mushrooms get you tripping on Psilocybin, its no diffrent from taking peyote. and its safer than aspirin.

BTW you are not going to educate me on LSD. Do you even know what LSD stimulates in the brain?

Read my post it said

“its like saying LSD is more dangerous than shrooms.”

FYI fuck shrooms. Ill rather choke on a mix of morning glory seeds than take that over priced shit.

I didnt, i was posting at what you said, which I already explained.

BTW didnt you read the @ everyone else. and the speech which said dont tell others what drugs to take if they dont have a basic understanding and an good experience with that substance.