Does anyone here have ADD and find it difficult to play?

you are not qualified and not educated on the details of the condition. ADD kids have different brain chemistry and different brain wave readings than the norm. they exhibit abnormalities in their brain waves that produce several different types of ADD. there isnt just one type of ADD, theres like 4 different types at least. as a side effect of this abnormal brainwave pattern though, ADD kids are usually a few IQ points ahead of most other kids as well.

be careful with common sense. common sense would tell you the world is flat, cuz if it were round we’d all falll off now wouldnt we? nope its not that simple.

ok you take a “poor person” with the symptoms of what you would call “depression” and give them lottery winnings.
what do you suppose would happen? “hey i have no reason to be sad!!”. the end?

well what if we take the same situation and this newly wealthy person is still sad? what does that mean? OH HES GOT THE RICH MANS DISEASE!

if the person in the first situation is now happy, he never had actual depression, just a shitty life. second guy has depression.

its not that poor people cant be depressed, they probably are. but depression goes deeper than “well everythings ok and i am too!”

depression is when “everythings ok but i am miserable. why am i miserable?”.

steve jones of the sex pistols once said “money only makes your misery more comfortable”.

why dont u take the word of someone that probably grew up piss poor, earned millions, and then found out, oh shit money didnt make me happy in the end anyways.

once you have alotta money, only then can you FIND OUT money isnt happiness.

if you dont have a ton of money, you’ll never find out will you?

I dont condone this, but perhaps you would (maybe already) try synthetic cannaboids. Like JWH-018. Its cheaper and legal. However read up on it before you do it, because its easy to go over and think you need to go to the hospital when you dont.

If that is to expensive, maybe morning glory seeds. PM if you want details on the process.

The world being flat doesn’t explain why we wouldn’t fall off.

I don’t think anyone believed the world was flat, it was just something school’s tell elementary kids when they explain Chris Columbus. The world’s circumference was estimated some time around Alex the Great, so that implies that people knew or assumed the world was round for a long time.

That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You can be rich or poor and be ill with depression. It’s backed up by plenty of rigorous scientific research that goes way over your head, so don’t comment on it. Sometimes your happiness is depedent of the level of seretonin in your brain rather than how much wealth you’ve acrued or how good your life is in general. People you’d think that should be happy might want to blow their fucking brains out every day and people who live on very little can be happy. Suicidal depression is a very common thing and for people to just brush a huge health problem today like that is incredibly ignorant.

you tell em.

The most Creative minds and greatest people have ADD, the thing is they found a way to use it and accelerate their minds. For you it may honestly be your character or game. SSF4 may be to slow for you and maybe you need a faster paced scenario. It shouldnt effect your execution but more your Mixups,Style and mental parts. If you learn to control it better you may find that you can become more Random with your style and unreadable. But if you cant you can become to readable. I garuntee you like Diago,Tokido or even Ryan hart has add ( I fucken swear Ryan does lol try talking to him )

I was reading the OP and then my cat meow’d and next thing I knew, 1 hour had passed and i did around 20 different things but didn’t finish any of them.

That’s a BIG misconception. ADD (or ADHD) symptoms are commonly seen in many other conditions and for most of these historical figures with ADD, people interpret things the way they want to see them. The only illnesses that have a greater likelihood of being diagnosed from past accounts have apparent symptoms such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, syphilis, and to a lesser extent depression.

Yo when did this site become Shoryuken MD?

Dude, no. If anything, ADD in a game like SSFIV would help. ADD makes it difficult to concentrate for sustained periods, but the nature of fighting games is to be fast moving, with split second reactions, and fluid strategy. Situations like that are where ADD’ers thrive.

ADD is why you have a hard time sitting through math class, or perhaps have a hard time playing turn based strategy games. But for fighting games–your problems arise from something else.

Oh, and don’t listen to these ass-monkeys trying to get you to take drugs. Go work out if you want to feel good. Bang a girl. Accomplish something. Drugs will destroy your brain and make it even harder to concentrate in the long run.

ADD is real, but it’s obvious that the people in this thread know very little about it. I have ADD and I’m alright at street fighter–not great, and yes, pretty inconsistent. But yeah, I’m OK. ADD should not be a crutch. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, you just have to develop strategies that work for YOU, then put the necessary work in to accomplishing your goals. That goes for video games, school, work, being a parent, being a decent human being–anything.

Man, all I know is that LSD is some serious fucking shit. At least by my standards. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and it was life changing. I had no idea the human mind could experience fear that incredibly intense. It’s like you become and awareness that is back seat to yourself. It was the most fun, bizzare, and horrible experience of my life. I feel like I understand the human mind so much better yet I have no way of putting what I experienced entirely into the english language. It was a 16 hour trip and it took me about a week to shake it off. I hear in very rare cases some people go insane for years after one bad trip. Anyways, just thought I’d throw that out there.

that sounds about right, its all that and more. Because of it I have a better perspective as well. Word of advice, im a pretty collected guy and i have had bad experience with a few things. Dont take LSD and go to a big loud social setting, it will bring the most nauseating, fear ridden, paranoia state possible. Well at least until you fully learn your limits. I did that before I knew my limits. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to stay collected and pass of as if took nothing. Went to pizzamania with my parents. damn what a day.

I donremember my first time was nothing but fun. We went to a park and climbed an improvised tree house, and just talked there for 5 hours. But out of all drugs, you must respect LSD big time its not a little kid drug like weed or ecstasy. Bman is right, its serious shit.

how did this thread go from street fighter, to add…to drugs? lol

@ Pedo

STFU, Your a Drug Fiend (Don’t do drugs…but I tried all that shit type dude). You get man handled in Fighting Games, so all you do is post on so you think your part of the community. Get PWN’ed.

Your absolutely right wtf just happened here!? JE83: Question/Statenment… Got ADD! What can help focus?

Other Poster’s Other than Pedo: Answers… Options…

Pedo: I’m wikipedia on don’t do drugs, but I did all that shit so I know… I’m a hippie who practices S&M instead of SSF4 (or any other fighting game). BLAH BLAH BLAH, Ya di ya ya BLAH. BLAH BLAH.

@ Je83: dude whatever you feel that helps you focus will most likely be your thing. Do be dependent tho bro. Just handle business & PWN kids. That’s really what v.s. games are about forreal.

Your advice was pretty bad though, dude. “Do drugs bro, it will balance you out.” That’s some epically shitty broscience if I’ve ever heard it. Smoking weed helps ADD, it helped mine, but only very slightly. Also, the downside is that your mathimatical and logic skills are worse, and if you’re a young person like me you probably need those skills to be at their best for your education. If you’re going to smoke do it for recreational and social reasons. I can’t speak for drugs like Xanax because I’ve never used them. I did take Aderall for about a month and that shit does help a lot, but I’m sure that it’s at a price in the long run. I really haven’t done my research on that drug, but I’ve heard that it’s not smart to rely on it for a long time. Plus, that drug doesn’t make your ADD magically disappear as nothing does, so unless your planning on drugging your self up for your whole life you might as well not take any drugs and just learn to deal with it sober. I have and it’s worked for me.

I’d like to add a little clarity here:

I have clinically diagnosed ADD, backed up with MRI AND SPECT imaging. I’m not going to get too technical, but there is a PHYSICAL difference in my brain compared to the average aged-matched male brain. Most specifically in the area which imparts some control over focus AND the ability to IGNORE stimuli. I’m often unable to ignore stimuli, making it difficult to concentrate on a single task, unless the task is nearly all-consuming (like a really great book or movie). This is not the ONLY way to exhibit ADD symptoms, but is a clear diagnosis when you pair behavior with brain structure and brain activity.

I don’t have a problem focusing on any single match, but sometimes the wealth of options causes me problems and I’m unable to make decisions fast enough to perform well in SSF4.

I deal with it the same way I deal with anything else like it, I prepare. It may seem a little tedious, but narrow down your fighting options (in a Bruce Lee kind of style). Have a main goal and a secondary goal in each match, with a plan-B for each; kinda like the way Juicebox Abel suggests.

This way you are playing the game on your terms (hopefully) and making them adjust to your gameplan. When I play the “show me what you got” style and just react and punish, it gives the opponent opportunity to play their way. Does that happen to you? Find yourself playing other people’s style and trying to win?

Play your own style and simplify your game. Know the common punishes (whiffed SRKs, Ultras, etc), know the good setups for your BnB combos, and know your gameplan. If you’ve got a good structure to cling to, its easier to make decisions and play at a high level (and a faster pace).

Lastly, playing at a fast pace creates a lot more chaos in my brain and it was really hard to get my performance to the next level until I simplified everything.

Speaking as someone with ADHD (and wasn’t diagnosed with it until my Senior year in high school), it is very real.

When I don’t take my mediation, it’s very hard for me to even do the simplest tasks due to the fact that I lack the ability to concentrate on one task for more than 15 seconds at a time. It’s even hard to hold a conversation with someone else without the meds because every half a minute or so I keep changing the subject because I just can’t focus on one thing. Hell, it’s even hard to play a video game for any amount of time because I get “bored” with it after about 5 minutes.

The fact that I got through school up until my senior year without anything to control it is amazing to me. I was always one of those students that teachers are annoyed with; I never did the homework, but if you put the tests in front of me, I’d get an A every time.

I guess my first questions right now would be are that if you’re on any type of medication and that if the ADD/ADHD effects you in your everyday life.

Real talk.