Does anyone here play 3rd strike with a controller?


I’m a pad user and I bought 3rd strike when it was on sale. I having a hard time try to get down my movement and etc. I only want to know if there is pad players on this game, maybe that will encourage me to try harder.


I play on pad. But do my best on stick.


hold dat.


Pads increase the likelihood of tendinitis, carpal tunnel tenfold.

Don’t do it!


I play with a 360 pad, never liked using arcade sticks.


I use a pad. Hori fighting commander for PS3.


Ok, I like the comments I got so far. I guess I need to train harder so I can stop getting my ass whooped


Yes, I play on a pad, Saitek P880 Dual Analog Pad…no longer available :frowning:


What exactly is bugging you movement or mechanic wise? What character are you playing anyway?


Yeah, I can’t think of one character that’s harder to use on a controller. Except landing Dud’s t.HK SA3 is harder to plink, typically I just plink MP and LP. That and Akuma’s Kara Demon.


I’m a Marvel player. The movement felt weird to me but for the few last days, I been practicing on getting use to it. As for mechanics, grabs and SA are giving me a hard time. Plus, I’m using Makoto and Alex.


I use twelve on a d pad, hard to use




Hey, do you have any idea if you can use both analog sticks? On Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection (contained 3rd Strike port), you were able to use both, which made using the L and R buttons more accessible(IMO). Check it out if it’s still a possibility on 3s; made gaming much easier for me


Hell fucking yes!!!


OEM PS3 controller user here. Players I normally use are Akuma, Hugo, and Urien. It takes getting use to especially if you switch from an old pad to a new pad. I recently got a new and it took almost 1 month to getting use to it. It can be frustrating but if your patient you will get into it. Reason I use pad is because there is no noise when playing.


Sup fodderf. Get a stick man. You’ll be a lot better


I use the Xbox 360 controller’s analog stick and manage to do decently enough. The d-pad is unusable to me, but it’s really just a matter of preference. Practice is the key to consistency. Only character I have trouble executing with is Hugo, standing 360’s are hard to get consistently.

Stick is always going to be the best option though, the game was specifically designed for them.


I play Ibuki online rather well exclusively with the controller pad.
I have trouble parrying and doing the shoryuken mention on a stick. Oh well…


Woah, there’s people posting here? Been some time.

I’m now using a stick now. When I was using a pad, I used the d-pad for everything but the SA. I used the analog to perform the SA. After 2 weeks of playing, I knew I needed a stick to do better.