Does anyone here root for diago anymore?

Any time i watch anyone go against diago, the crowd is always on the underdogs side (which is understandable) I my self like the beast to win… im always wit diago, how about you?

I don’t think anyones got anything against Daigo, & everyone genuinely respects him. (As he’s pretty humble to be honest) But people tend to root for underdogs. It doesn’t matter sometimes, hell sometimes it’s all down to character. Most people cheer against Wong, but when he chose Dan they then rooted for him.

Hell i think Filipino champ can act like a dick, but when he’s against a Yun i’d root for him.

I always cheer for Daigo, I just love his style. Little less since AE’s release and Daigo began running Yun but I still hope he wins because I find him fun to watch. Though he is on a bit of a downward spiral right now in terms of doing as well as he used to and it is rather unfortunate.

Does anyone wonder what Daigo’s morning routine is? Do you think he brushes his teeth before or after showering? Does he take his morning shit right when he gets up or does he wait until after breakfast? What does this have to do with IV? Who cares!