Does anyone in the FGC have a recording studio or know where I can get a good deal on studio time?

Lately ive been feeling inspired lyrically and I feel I need to record some of this stuff. Some of it is FGC related that im writing.

This a real question? Have you not bothered to do a Google search of studios in your area? Because what good is it if someone here has a studio if you’re 2,000 miles away from it?

And are you expecting to use it for free? Negro, please.

Find one near you. Studios are expensive as hell, so unless you’re willing to suck a few dicks don’t expect it to be cheap.

A simple “no” would have been fine. Some of my friends used to have simple pro-tools setups that didn’t cost much and we used to record on them. It doesn’t even have to be professional. I’m just asking if anyone has a setup or an actual studio. If you don’t have one or know anyone with one, feel free to ignore this thread. I’m asking the FGC because its actually FGC related.

If you need to find a good spot in your home , get a good microphone and use audacity. It’ll help you out for right now. If you are making beats for yourself make use of fruity loops

Yeah I might just end up doing it myself. Does audacity come with an external sound card like pro tools or can I just use the line-in on my Mac?

If you drippin with wack juice I cant help yall

Nope nothing extra necessary, just gotta get your mic and jam.

Thanks. I will definitely look into that.

ugh…where are you?\

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