Does anyone know about the Tekken 6 fight stick?

On ebgames website, they have a tekken 6 bundle with a wiresss fightstick.

It looks decent. I was thinking of pre-ordering it.
But I have no info on the stick itself.

Who is making it? Why is it wireless? Lol
is the stick Japanese style or American?

I already have a TE stick. So this better be a good stick
if i preorder it. I thought u guys would be the best to ask.

On Gamestop’s website it tells you that its a HORI wireless arcade stick and the picture shows it as an 8-button layout. HORI makes pretty good stuff but I don’t think I would want a wireless stick if I were serious about fighting games. Too many possible issues.

Any one know what kind of wireless it is. USB dongle or bluetooth ( for the PS3 at least ). There dont seem to be much info out there on the web

There’s already an existing thread for this.