Does anyone know any competitive arcade for KOF in SoCal?


So far i know one place, Arcade Infinity.

and the arcade in downtown LA on broadway

r there any other places that i don’t know of?

would b nice if I can get some recommendations, university arcades r fine too.

is there anyone from AI here? i know our boss Mr.KOF is on SRK. (sup~ i don’t know if you speculate this forum tho)

anyways, any recommendations?


try and scope out oscar’s crew, he posts as THE ANSWER

And I’m pretty sure those are the only arcades, why anyone would pay to play this game in arcade I don’t know. You’d prolly be better suited to meet up with them at somebodies house


Mr. KOF is on from time to time, the best way to contact him though is on youtube on his handle ArcadeInfinityMrKOF.


Hello hello, If you Want KOF competition you can find it at ARCADE INFINITY located in rowland heights CA

If you want to play the hong kong players that play OG 98, 97, 2k2 and 2k2 um…
You may want to visit QUICKLY located on New Avenue and Valley blvd.( San GAbriel)

Beware of the mainland CHINA champ in OG 98! Guranteed you’ll be bored of his “style”. Tournament garbage of poking.


What layout do you guys have it in the arcades?


wtf why we don’t have any good arcade like AI in norcal


im looking for some player in kof any series in real arcade…in NYC


AI has the curved button layout for most of the games there.




yo Mr.KOF, I’m the Korean guy at AI using Chang, Choi, Clark, K etc.

I visited QUICKLY to see how it is like. it’s kinda like ORBIT i guess? It’s very surprising to find such KOF community that I wasn’t aware of. Well it’s hidden inside of a boba shop but still crazy.

anyways, there were two players playing 02um when i was there, and they were both pretty decent. That mainland China champ is either Ray or William i assume? Or is it someone that I don’t know? It’s very interesting. Seems like I’ll visit the place more often.


Only arcade I know of in NYC that has KOF is Chinatown Fair. I’m trying to find some time to head down there and play just to level up since I’m sort of re-finding KOF.


wait, since when did you move to the east coast…


what kof version is played in AI?

and any chance of kof 13 hitting AI after what happened with 12?


From what I hear Arcade Infinity is closing which I really doubt. If they get KOF XIII is a very good sign that they are lying and they are not going to close.

I hope they don’t because I don’t any other arcade that will get the game.

In regards to locations, “The Plant” in Vanuys has a HUGE KOF '02 scene they have 2 set ups and they are always packed on the weekend nights. “Arcade Fantaztico” in Huntington Park has a smaller crowd on weekend days but you can defenetly find comp there. “Alex’s Arcade” in Santa Ana has a small KOF scene that can show up on call and is where you can find me on a daily, and happy to play some KOF any time.


Good to see Jon and Oscar alive. I’ll be seeing you guys soon :slight_smile:

Ray and William are from Taiwan, the China guy is someone else.


All Amusement Fun Center (AKA, Plant in Van Nuys) has been closed for about 4 months or so. Too bad, as the KOF 02 scene was decent there… And their Burbank location no longer has an 02 cabinet (last time i checked)


02UM is the most popular one, and we have 98um, 02, 99, and 98.

02-99-98 r shared in one cabinet.

as for kofxiii, i’m with oscar’s point of view


can u tell me the cross streets or the address for arcade fantaztico? just googled it but i couldn’t find any address info :X


Pacific and Saturn I want to say. The main cross streets around there are Pacific and Florence.


[quote=“Kane317, post:14, topic:103131”]

Good to see Jon and Oscar alive. I’ll be seeing you guys soon :slight_smile:

hey yuheng! it’s been a long time since we’ve last played…i’m very much alive of course…just venturing into other games as well =) Hope to see you soon when kof 13 comes out?


Hey! my friend eddie(the guy with the hat) have always known you as the korean guy lol. Ray and William only play OG 2k2 and other older KOFs…but i haven’t played with them for a bout a year…i doubt they play at QUICKLY. The Mainland china champ seldomly plays at A.I. He happens to be a chubby guy that plays OG 98 and OG 2k2. He has a student who has Bad Breath and happens to wear slippers all the time at A.I. Playing with them is annoying…takes away the joy from KOF.