Does anyone know how to fix a broken directional pad on a madcatz fightpad?


I’ve already tried sticking a piece of paper under the gummy directional pad and it didn’t improve much. Anyone have any suggestions?


Before anything else, clean out the pad with rubbing alcohol (90%) and cotton swabs.
Make sure the d-pad assembly and contacts are all clean.


if you end up not being able to salvage it, i will buy it from you.


What part is broken? The physical dpad? Is the rubber button piece fully intact without any rips?


2/5 times the downback input doesn’t respond. I don’t think the rubber pad piece is ripped, last time I checked it was ok…




I’ve had a few problems with my Fightpad…

Main thing is you really gotta take it easy on D-pad you don’t need to hold down a direction that hard.

Other problem is random disconnect syncing issues, which i found out. If you have a cell phone it will most likely interrupt the gamepad connection. I’ve noticed when my phone is near the ps3 or in front or near the gamepad the pad will disconnect often freezing on you so I suggest having no wireless hardware atleast 5 feet or directly near or in front of the ps3, having it being used while a match can be frustrating, turn them off or put them somewhere away from the fightpad/ps3.


I never heard of a Cellphone interfering with a WIRED gamepad before.
I never heard of a Cellphone even interfering with a wireless game pad.

The Cellphone bands are not on the same radio frequency as a wireless controller.
Only thing I can think off is your phones Bluetooth module is chattering.