Does anyone know how to mod one of these?


I had recently stumbled upon the article about the new virtual-on game and I’ve always been a fan of giant robot fighting(who hasn’t) so I looked up some of the twin stick controllers for 360, I found that hori had made one but it is $330, kinda pricey, so I was wondering if anyone would know how to mod one of the sega ones or even custom build one for a cheaper price.


They are moddable (look harder). You can also purchase a Saturn-PS2 converter for use on 360.


Maybe you could put Sanwa JLJ joysticks in it. Or use Sanwa JLJ joysticks in your build. But they retail like $90 a piece. Ad then you’d probably have to find some way to make them analog, which is possible, though. Or get a converter. Or just build a robot.


It doesn’t have to be analog to play with virtua-on. If i remember right, I think it was rtzdgin who made one out of 2 NES sticks and he mapped the directions to the dpad and the face buttons (abxy) and the game can change the controls to accommodate the dpad and face buttons.


There was this dual stick a while back by Darksakul using two JLW and a MadCatz 360 PCB.

Could give you an idea of a custom build.


Ya, I just finished the death-star laser to mount on it’s chest.

Thats the only custom I found when I googled it lol, it’d be cool if some company made twin stick parts (or maybe I just haven’t found it).


Thanks for the referral. What keywords you use, I feel like Google-ing my own work.

To Squared
As for A Saturn or Dreamcast Twin Arcade Stick, youc an always swap the Saturn or DC PCB for a Xbox 360 PCB. Keep in mind there is little room inside that stick, depending on the Xbox 360 PCB size you might want to consider an external project box for the Saturn controller. You can also follow examples that me or rtzdgin have done.

Closest thing I saw to an existing trigger stick is Sanwa JLJ PL2 8V Joystick that I saw on Lizard Lick Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V Joystick

If you are modding from an existing controller I would recommend the Saturn over the dreamcast stick because there is a 60 to 100 dollar price difference between the 2 controllers on eBay, both controllers sue the exact same pistol grip joystick.

if your making your own from starch, I suggest the Sanwa JLW or the JLJ, a package of JB Weld or similar 2 part epoxy, some thing to use for the actual Handle. I and rtzdgin used 2 NES Quick Shot sticks. Fox Xbox PCBs the Mad Catz (Xbox 360) SF IV Fight pad is the best choice and 2nd is a regular Mad Catz Xbox 360 pad. I would be glad to offer any other help you might require.


I made some from quickshots. If you can pad hack a controller it is possible.


I’m going to buy DC version as NY present for myself. I’ll try to mod it with PS360 from


The PS360 should fit, if you can I think you can make a DC/ PS360 dual mod by connecting the buttons to the same buttons / sticks. (similar to a Cthulhu/ChImp to Xbox 360 Mod).

Remember with an all digital set up (B type Controls) , the X Y A & B buttons are set to the Right side Trigger Stick. The D-pad is set to the left stick.

Right stick set up.

Y Button - Up
X Button - Left
A Button - Down
B Button - Right

Also if you have no use for the old DC PCB, I might be interested in it.


So it sims that i can just solder wires from back side of original DC twinsick pcb to PS360 and my stick will work on BOTH DC and 360, right?


Do a search for Twin Sticks. Here’s a good thread

You will also want to check out the forums. I’ve built one using the Mad Catz retro PCB and the Dreamcast Twin Sticks from the information on their forums.


If you want to do it the cheapest way it would be to use the kind of sticks that Rt used, i have been looking for some but cant find any. RT how much did those run you again, I thought they were pretty cheap but maybe i was wrong.


I actually got some Saturn Twin Stick that are supposed to be shipped here any day now.
What I will do with them I am unsure yet, it depends on their condition if I mod them or repair and keep it stock.

NES Quick Shot, both RT and myself spend like 6 to 8 buck on each on eBay. I wish I keep the PCB from it, it was very advance for a NES PCB.


If you can pad hack a wrench, you can pad hack a ball.