Does anyone know how to stop this?

I have a very basic question. I recently completed my stick with new buttons, balltop, art and plexi from Art BUT my problem is that once I finished puttin my stick together and actually started using it, i noticed that the seimitsu cut outs I got from Art were moving around. i initially thought the buttons itself were moving cuz they werent tightened hard enough. So after I re-opened my stick re-positioned the buttons I noticed the pics inside them were still off and then i realized that the pic inside the buttons were the actuall things moving and not the buttons. How do i stop this from occuring again?..glue maybe?..I just want to make sure

They are PS-14-KN buttons

Double sided tape on the cutouts

that or glue

I appreciate your responses but i think ima go with the double sided tape seeing as how its much easier to get off then the glue I have here.

I used Elmers glue on my custom. On the HRAP3, the cutouts were cut big enough that they don’t spin.

I just looped masking tape together on the back of my cut outs. Been more than a week and nothing shifting :smiley:

for some odd reason, I can never find any elmers glue anywhere, i think the kids here must have bought them all and ate them XD