Does anyone know if Capcom Has anything agiest YT videos in any of their TOS


Hey guys I have a youtube channel that i tend to upload a lot of my game footage to. many games like if it’s an EA game i’ll make sure i add commentary in a heartbeat or i’ll get a strike. other games like lets say minecraft, blizzard or indie games, many of the developers give permission to use the content how ya want and even monetize it. this type of stuff i dont even need to bother adding commentary to unless if it’s a single player game and im more trying to do a LP of the thing. :slight_smile:

In any case i want to upload like some of my more successful casual SSF4 matches (mostly for me, might not even put em publican because i cant combo worth a crap hehe) without commentary or anything like that. just raw video of the match with me ageist another online guy. Think capcom would have anything ageist that?

i will say i put a Marvel vs capcom arcade run up that was over an hour long that was pretty much raw video and capcom copyright matched it to extended visuals. i actually disputed it jsut to see what happened but they reputed so im not touching that one anymore lol. arcade is also a bit different from online too.