Does anyone know if that marvel vs. capcom 2 stick is still $99?


I tried looking at their website but it always says $140 They are also closed right now, I’m REALLY eager to know if someone knows or not lol…If it is back at $140 I will be very sad…It seems not many places at all carry the marvel vs. capcom fightstick. Are they trying to extinguish it?

edit lol forgot to say gamestop…


I was at a local gamestop a few days ago, the price was back to $139.99 instore as well.


arrg… oh well hopefully it didn’t come thru my area (the price raise i mean, lol)


it’s back up.
and even though i’m an employee, i can’t tell you when it’ll go back down (not because i don’t want to, simply because they don’t let us know about price drops).


Maybe the price increase will make it easier to sell mine on craigslist lol.


ok thank you every1 for helpful info i guess this means i will go with a hori ex ? (Have no idea if this is any good though XD)