Does anyone know of a good K' guide?

Hello, I just started playing KOF about a week before Christmas and I’ve finally decided on a couple of characters I’d like to get better with. One of which is K’. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a K’ guide because as of now all I’m doing is his fireball and silly things with his hop. Also, is there any word for when that netcode patch might come out? It didn’t already come out did it? Because I’m still having a ton of issues with lag… Anyways, any input is much appreciated, thanks!

Edit - besides the hyper guide on SRK. I’m looking for something a little more newbie accessible.

Mh, I can’t help with a guide, but is there anything you’re looking for in specifics like what’s safe on block, what you should do at midscreen, in the corner, or the like? I can help you with that.

I’m honestly just trying to learn the game. Just having a tough time trying to figure out where to start. I’ve been playing fighters my whole life, but KOF is way different than everything else and I’m trying to see there’s some really effective ways to learn some of the characters or the games mechanics well. I also don’t really get how the HD system works…

Your best bet for learning the basics of KoF and KoF 13 specific mechanics is the srk wiki:

Make a point to read/watch everything in the links under “Understanding Fundamentals”, especially Dandy J’s guide:

First of all: This did not warrant a new thread. You should’ve posted this in the KOFXIII general discussion thread. There’s other threads like this already (specifically about K’).

Anyway, funnily enough, nobody working on the wiki is really working on K’ at the moment. But it seems like the combos have been updated a bit, but I’m not sure if they’re perfect. But for general move description and some basic strategy the wiki is still fine:’
Just, when combos aren’t working, this could mean it’s because the combo doesn’t work, not because you suck. His optimal combos have changed a lot since Arcade (on which most of the current wiki is based)

You can check here too:'_(XIII)

K’ doesn’t really have any gimmicks but he has some very solid tools. I can tell you how I play him, but really you’ll develop your own strategies and playstyle over time.

I think some good things to learn with K’ are pressuring with his cr.b which is great, getting a feel for his zoning/anti-air and the corner game. K has easy, safe blockstrings/combos off his cr.b and due to the range/speed of them, they are great to continue pressuring opponents. They combo into his trigger which is safe as far as I know, as long as you dont go into the shell/anti-air followup.

His fireball is good used sparsely from a distance I think. Midscreen it’s risky but I like to use it occasionally to bait out jumps then do the shell anti-air followup into qcb+k, dp+a for good damage on anti-airs. Of course he has the raw dp which is always useful too. Scare your opponent into playing safe and not jumping and that’s when you can start offense. He also has his chain drive super which does great damage and scares the opponent from using any fireballs against you.

His corner game is ridiculous in my opinion. His trigger doesn’t really push back in the corner, and being that it is safe on block you can really pressure people as long as you don’t play too obvious. Any cr.b in the corner leads to shell followup, qcb+k , dp+a which ought to make them scared to press buttons.

Anyways, i’m sure some other people think differently but you have to play more to figure out what works for you. K’ doesn’t have any remarkably bizarre mechanics or tools that set him apart aside from astonishing corner carries, but being very well rounded goes a long away in my opinion.

That wiki has the same general problem that the combo’s listed are still arcade combos though.

I ran through pretty much all of these the other day, they still work. The only thing that really changed from arcade as far as his combos go is air qcb+k can anywhere juggle and his qcf, hcb+ac anywhere juggles as well

I didn’t list those for the combos, just the general gameplay tips. As far as I know, most of the descriptions of movesets/utility are still fine.

No they’re not.

j.D -> d.B -> d.B -> qcf+P -> f+B
j.D (deep) -> d.B -> qcf+A -> f+D -> qcb+D -> qcb+D (miss) -> dp+C
j.D (deep) -> cl.C -> qcf+A -> f+D -> qcb+D -> qcb+D (miss) -> dp+C

All don’t work anymore. That’s the first three combos listed


the 1st combo still works buts yes the second combo does not work with dp+C, you have to do dp+A

No, off a j.D cr.B the follow up f+D will never connect

Those should be:

j.D -> d.B -> d.B -> qcf+C -> f+B
(corner only)
j.D (deep) -> d.B -> qcf+A -> f+D -> qcb+D -> qcb+D (miss) -> dp+A
j.D (deep) -> cl.C -> qcf+A -> f+D -> qcb+D -> qcb+D (miss) -> dp+A

only if its j.D, cr.B, qcf+C, f+D then qcfx2+P

But like the guy said, he wasn’t asking for combos, lol.