Does anyone know the tier list for Super Turbo?

Just out of curiosity.

OG Sagat, Sim, Rog, Ryu, Vega, Bison, blah blah… whatever.

Read that. It’s damn long but if you can get through it, it’s a guy who knows what he’s talking about playing ST against some of the best players in the world. I think he goes over the tiers a few times. It also explains how the good characters are played there to some degree.

Seriously, you can’t get better than a primary source. You might as well learn what some of THE BEST are using right? :slight_smile:

If you don’t understand something or have questions, you can post here, or there, and I’m sure someone will help you.


Well…technically even NKI is a secondary source, unless he’s talking about Chun. If only he was able to take footage. Then we would have primary source for all!

did anyone here know tha gief can own sagat up??? his owns his tiger uppercut… seen a vid were choi got owned by a gief player and was forced to pick guile to get rid of gief lol

how do you get o sagat

At the character select screen, highlight Sagat. Then press Jab, up, down, down, up, jab. You will hear a “Tiger” and see Sagat’s color change. BTW Jab = Low Punch.

I have said this many time that tier do not exist. If you know your a character from head to toe you can beat anyone. People keep saying og sagat on these boards and yet I have beaten most of the time a og sagat player including the top US players. Forget all that tier bullshit in ST or even every game and learn atleast 1 character so well that you can dominate anybody.

O. Sagat Vs Deejey, O Sagat Vs T. Hawk, O. Sagat vs Sim = ???

ok i tested what i saw in the video, it is confirmed… once gief corners sagat gief wins for free. it is VERY VERY VERY VERY hard for sagat to uppercut gief’s when its done right on top of sagat in the corner… me and my friend tested it and my friend couldnt pull one tigeruppercut… u heard him say the words but nothing comes out lol…

now all gief has to do is get in on sagat lol

Gief broke ST

He’s no Deejay.


Care to elaborate on this?? I’m trying to imagine what you’re saying here… Ok, so Sagat is cornered.

Is Gief jumping-in from point blank range, or from farther out?

Are you doing j.LK, or knees?

Is Sagat waking-up from knockdown, or already standing? I’m assuming waking-up… otherwise he can force you to hit high.

Is the jump attack hitting high, or deep? Because if you hit high, you can’t combo, and Sagat can try sac-throw (if it was close jump-in) or sac-DP (if far jump-in, which if blocked can be safe).

So high jump-in isn’t exactly “for free”, and this is why I’m skeptical, because it’s usually only high jump-ins that beat the Uppercut. On the otherhand, if it is indeed a deep jump-in beating the uppercut, that’s pretty sweet! You get combo, then knockdown, and try again… if dizzy they die. But even still, if Sagat just blocks, he can try to reversal the tick SPD.

These escape options aren’t exactly “easy” I know… but I’m just trying to flesh out what you’re talking about here.

Now, if you can find a jump-in with T.Hawk that will beat deep uppercut, I can see that deserving the “for free” tag. :slight_smile: (Theoretically, he kinda beats everyone for free with just ghost j.LP and negative SPD anyhow)

It’s jumping light kicks not the knees, usually from about sweep distance you jump at Sagat while he’s waking up and you hit him semi deep, if he blocks, a tick SPD is almost guaranteed, he could however try to take the hit and maybe go for a grab. You also want to judge your distances, Gief could steer that SPD right back into the corner leaving you at closer range than normal.

A good example of a tick SPD trap is against Fei-long. Do a hp SPD on him and as soon as you recover right when your feet touch the ground do a hp banishing fist then jump right at him and do a while he’s waking up, Fei is always at the right distance for a j.lp tick SPD

Hrm, well I played a big long dirty session today… and I couldn’t recreate what he was talking about.

I could always pop him with a TU… Sometimes it traded, and it only got beat when I did early TU. I actually found the knees harder to deal with at point blank, but a proper ducking TU seemed to beat that too (Even hit as crossup and knocked Gief into the corner).

I agree that having Sagat crowded, and jumping from close and early is good because Sagat is so tall it’s hard to avoid/TU… and all you need is one jump-in for SPD opportunity… But I couldn’t do up what he was talking about, and I can’t see it nullifying the TU. I’ll keep trying I guess.

Whats a TU, never heard that term before

Oops, it’s a Tiger Uppercut.

My bad :smiley:

Everyone knows the best top tier is pink T-Hawk :rolleyes: Seriously though, any fight no matter top tier or not is only decisive upon the one controlling them. In that case my green FeiLong rules all :badboy:

fucking block and dp that spd attempt. problem solved.


I was only joking, I can be serious, did I do something wrong :confused: