Does anyone know what announcement Skisonic and Dnyce were talking about during ECT4?


If you skip to 1:03:04 they start to talk about some “announcement” but say that the stream has to find out on their own. Seeing as how Ski sounded like he was having an orgasm, this sounds like some juicy stuff.

Could this be related to fanatiq maybe? I remember him mentioning during the salty suites, that he had a huge announcement and I do not think that it is about him getting a new sponsor.

Hopefully someone knows something about this.


When Marvel is up Ski always sounds like he’s having an orgasm so nothing special here.


touche lol. Dnyce made me crack up though with his constant screaming.


Um…I think they were referring to CDJR getting blown up by EMP PerfectLegend on the MLG MK stream.


Mad brolic son